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Are you ready to get voluminous curls? It’s one of those glamorous looks that can be difficult to achieve – but not anymore! I recently tried the T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers and y’all: game changed. It had been yeeeears since I used hot rollers. Like I’m pretty sure my last set hasn’t seen the light of day since high school. But I’ve re-found my love for them and these voluminous curls!

get voluminous hair - t3 micro blow dryer |

I started by blowdrying my hair with a round brush. If you want tips to get more volume while blowdrying, be sure to check out my blow drying tips for smooth hair here! Now, let’s get to rollin’. 😉

t3 hot rollers tutorial - get big, voluminous curls |

Because I wanted a little more curl on the top, I used the smaller rollers on the top-most sections of my hair. Then I used the larger barrel rollers for the back and lower pieces.

easy hair tutorial - how get voluminous curls |

big, voluminous hair tutorial |

curls with volume hair tutorial |

Then it’s the best part. You just get to chill! After all of the rollers are where you like them, you just let them set until cooled. This is the perfect opportunity to do your makeup, iron your clothes, chill on the couch… you know, whatever! Since I hadn’t used rollers in so many years, I forgot how perfect they are for multitasking!

hair tutorial curls with volume - big voluminous curls |

After cooling, make sure to take the rollers out slowly and to keep the curls vertical as you unravel them. This keeps the curls in tact.

volume curls hair tutorial |

big voluminous curls tutorial |

And ta-da! Look at those big curls.

how to get big voluminous curls tutorial |

how to get big voluminous curls hair tutorial |

Now if you want to keep the look of tighter curls, very gently work your hands through the crown. Apply hairspray for hold!

hair tutorial for big voluminous curls |

If you’d like more of a looser, all-around volume-filled look, comb (or brush) through. This is more of the look that I tend towards. So first, I worked my hands through my hair and then gently brushed through!

When is the last time that you used hot rollers?!

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