Perfect Summer Dress

I have been digging dresses lately. I mean does it get any easier than throwing on a dress and heading out the door? Nope! And as the weather continues to get warmer, they certainly are one of the most comfortable options too. This LWD caught my eye immediately because honestly, I tend to love all things white this time of year. But then I saw the geometric details at the neckline, and the super-light fabric won me over. And did I mention the tassels? It’s going to be the perfect Summer dress!

spring to summer outfit - the perfect white summer dress | For more cute weekend outfits, head to!

It really is super lightweight. Ladies who live in hot, humid climates, ruuuun and snag this dress. It’s also lined, meaning you can keep things perfectly modest. No VPL’s here. And you won’t have to worry about sweat coming through either! (I know that’s not the prettiest picture you want in your head, but hey, it’s a reality. And we’re all friends here anyway right?!)

I wish I had some fancy beach vacation on my horizon because this dress would most definitely be making it into my bag. But I can still wear it to the sandbox and pretend right? (Well at least until my toddler starts saying, “Mommy, mommy! Make me a sandcastle!” But I suppose that really wouldn’t be that much different from a real beach vacation these days anyways…) Do any of y’all have exciting Summer plans ahead? Let me live vicariously through you!

perfect white summer dress | For more cute weekend outfits, head to!

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Dress | Sandals c/o Shopbop | Tote | Earrings c/o Lisi Lerch |ย Bracelet c/o Kendra Scott | Lipstick

Sizing note: Fit is a bit generous through the body but a little less so through the bust! So you can probably get away with sizing down unless you are bustier!


24 thoughts on “Perfect Summer Dress

  1. Mica

    THat is a cute little white dress! ๐Ÿ™‚ Like you said, perfect for summer. If I wasn’t so clumsy I’d have a great collection of white dresses, I love them on others but they never last long before I damage them, ha!

    Hope you are having a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Gentry Adams

    This is such an adorable dress! Since the humidity is about 100% in FL over the summer I live in dresses for a good breeze! ha. There’s definitely some boating and beaching in my future that this would be perfect for!


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