Spring Couple Style with Born Shoes

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This post is sponsored by Born at Dillard’s but all opinions are my own.

I’ll be honest, since having Layla, Aaron and I have taken zero solo vacations. Zero. We’ve done a weekend here or there (like maybe 2-3 times?), but couple time just doesn’t happen much anymore. Part of me mourns a little bit of those carefree days when we made last-minute plans together, but mostly I’m content with our family life and weekends that are a little more full and busy.

And although we might not be enjoying extravagant out-of-the-country trips, we’ve found other little ways to get those vacay vibes. One of our favorite ways to do that is by heading to Charlottesville for a winery day trip. It’s not a far drive, an hour to an hour and a half based on which one we’re visiting, but it feels like an entirely different world. With the beautiful mountain views and a glass of wine in your hand, you just can’t help but feel more chill.
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95% of the time when we make these winery trips, Layla is along for the ride. She loves exploring the wide grounds and running around on the grass. It’s a little retreat for all three of us. And although we take turns chasing a toddler, just like at home, it still feels more relaxing.

I love dressing up a bit when we make our trips (because hello, perfect backdrops! 😉 ), but obviously with a little one, practicality is still a priority. So thank goodness for Born shoes. Aaron and I both sported a pair for our last visit to Pippin Hill last month (me in the Angeles and Aaron in the Cedro!), and I don’t know if my feet have ever been more comfortable in a pair of sandals. I absolutely love the design of my sandals (it’s what drew me to them!), but I seriously can’t stress this enough, the comfort is just out of this world.

Born Shoes makes everything from flats to sandals to sneakers, all made from premium quality leather. Due to the hand-sewn construction, the details are unlike any other shoe. They allow for exceptional flex and comfort. Trust this mama, toddler chasing is easy in these shoes (and still stylish- WIN!). But they’re also perfect for all-day wear while vacationing or simply running everyday errands with your family!

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You can check out the great selection of Born at Dillard’s. And be sure to share how you find time for yourself by using the hashtag #FindingMyVacation!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Born Shoes at Dillard’s.


26 thoughts on “Spring Couple Style with Born Shoes

  1. Mica

    Aww you look so lovely together – and they are cute sandals you’re wearing! I like that they are comfortable too, you do need comfortable shoes with a toddler as you run around so much, haha!

    Hope you are having a lovely start to the week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Stephanie

    I love visiting the wineries in Cville! It’s such a dream up there, and there are so many amazing vineyards wherever you look. You both look so comfy and cute in your Born shoes – ready to conquer a long day on your feet!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  3. Nicholle Brainard

    I love these Summer Born shoes. My husband’s favorite boots are by Born and I have a couple pairs myself. So comfortable and stylish!


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