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I am just a t-shirt dress kind of girl. I love ’em because they offer so much comfort (hello, who doesn’t want to wear a giant tee all day?!), but they are also super-versatile. I have a whole collection of them: stripes, solids, midi length, short, maxi dresses, and now this camo tshirt dress. And y’all this one is seriously a gem.

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I’ve never had a ton of camo in my wardrobe, but apparently I’m on some kind of streak over here. I bought a camo tee a few weeks back (you can see how I styled it for the blog here!). And I’ve just been wearing it to death! So when I found this camo tshirt dress online, my interest was instantly peaked!

Once I tried it on, I was an immediate fan! I really love the cut. It’s definitely forgiving without being too wide! It’s the perfect in-between of being too fitted and too loose. And because the skirt isn’t overly wide, it lends itself perfectly to jackets!

Obviously I love how it looks with a classic denim jacket, but I’m telling ya, it’d be so cute with a white denim jacket too! Or what about a cute denim vest? Or if you’re against denim, it’d work perfectly with a moto style jacket too. (This one is nearly identical to one and own and is under $100!)

Basically, what I’m telling ya, is that you need this dress. It’s only $45, is incredibly soft and comfy. And if camo isn’t your thing, then you can check it out in black and olive!) Orrr check out this sporty version. It’s next on my tshirt dress collection wish list!)

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fall outfit idea - camo tshirt dress | For more cute Fall outfits, go to!

early fall outfit - camo tshirt dress | For more cute Fall outfits, go to!

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8 thoughts on “Camo Tshirt Dress

  1. Mica

    I love a tee dress with a denim jacket! 🙂 Since we’ve stopped breastfeeding I’ve enjoyed getting back into the rest of my dress collection – I have a tee dress I wore so much until the bump outgrew it, I still love it a lot and it’s been fun being able to wear it again!

    Hope you are having a good week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


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