Fall Beauty Refresh

Well y’all, it’s finally Fall. And as much as I love Summer, I am ready to give my skin and hair a reprieve from the hot Summer sun. Ya feel me? So in order to restore myself from all of the rough Summer elements, I’m doing a little Fall beauty refresh. These are the products that will get you revived, reinvigorated, and ready to take on Fall!

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1. Clarify

I mentioned this in my dry shampoo post last week, but it deserves another mention. If you want to deep clean your hair – I mean, really deep clean it, you gotta try a clarifying shampoo. It gets rid of all the oil and product build-up, leaving you with super-clean hair. This one from Drybar is my fav because it doesn’t leave my hair stripped of moisture. It’s also safe for color-treated hair!

2. Eliminate the brass

All of my ladies with lightened locks will feel me on this one: hours in the sun (and chlorine!) can totally turn your pretty highlights brassy. I love having golden tones in my hair, but when things turn towards the side of orange, I need some help. That’s where this purple shampoo comes in handy! I’ve used it twice so far in the last month and love how it tones down the brass and gives my blonde a cooler tone. (I also use this conditioner afterwards.)

3. Condition

Is your hair super-dry? Time to amp up the conditioning! Y’all don’t even want to know how many sets of shampoo and conditioner are currently in my shower. (It’s truly embarrassing.) But the one I consistently turn to is this one from Pureology! I’ve been using it for about six months and always come back to it! I love how it truly hydrates my hair without weighing it down. I also like to follow up with this leave-in treatment!

4. Eliminate Split Ends

Split ends are my arch nemesis. (No really, I cannot stand them.) But this product from ghd is awesome. I can visually see a difference when I use it, and it keeps my hair feeling soft and smooth too!


1. Exfoliate

I’m trying to be better about exfoliating my body because I really only think about it when I’m shaving my legs, which is… I’m so not telling you how often because it’s not often enough, people. But this sugar scrub is AMAZE (and only $9!). I am in love with the grapefruit scent. I’ll be honest: it’s a bold scent. But it smells so fresh and really invigorating! If you’re not about grapefruit, try this jasmine scent by the same company! Follow with a nice moisturizer and your skin will never be softer!!

2. Moisturize

If you’re looking for a super-thick lotion, I do not have a rec. I am not a fan of heavy lotions! But this one from Philosophy is the best. It’s light but moisturizing and the scent is downright heavenly. HEAVENLY, I tell ya. (But it’s not overpowering!!) No greasiness, no stickiness, just moisture.

3. Beat Peeling Feet

Are your feet callused and dry after wearing sandals all Summer? Yep, me too girl. I recently tried out this product and was so freakin’ impressed, y’all. After treating your feet, they begin to peel on their own 5-7 days later. When the peeling is complete, you’re left with super-soft feet. My heels haven’t been this smooth in forever. It sounds crazy but it works!!


1. Exfoliate

When it comes to exfoliating my face, I make sure to be as gentle as possible. I stay away from sugar scrubs and apricot scrubs in favor of less harsh options. I’ve been using this exfoliator for a couple of years and am still on the same bottle. It’s a gel formula without any beads. It is the most gentle formula I’ve found to date, but it is effective! Y’all are going to love it!

2. Step up your Skincare

If you haven’t been moisturizing on the reg’, now is the time to start! I’ve been using this line since June and my skin has never looked better. Y’all, I haven’t had a pimple in months. SERIOUSLY. And on top of that, my skin is so hydrated! My favorite products from the line are this cleanser and this hydrating cream. The scent is amazing and so fresh. And obviously by my raving, you know that they are effective! I get sent a tooon of skincare products and nothing has kept my attention for this amount of time besides this line. In fact, I am placing an order to replenish my stash this weekend! BONUS: You can get 20% off your order with code¬†LAURENMDIX.¬†Shipping is also free with orders over $30. Try it out and be sure to let me know what you think!

So how will you give your routine a Fall beauty refresh? Do you have any products that I need to try?!


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