How to Use Dry Shampoo + Go Five Days Between Washes!

Y’all, this is a post that has been months in the making! I think it was maybe back in the Spring when I asked if you’d be interested in learning more about my dry shampoo routine. The answer was a resounding yes! But it took me a while to get my act together! And I am SO EXCITED to finally bring this post to you today! Get ready to learn how to use dry shampoo and go longer between washes!

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First off, I feel like I should start with a disclaimer. If you are used to shampooing your hair every single day, it will take a little while for your hair to adjust. You won’t go from everyday washes to five days between shampoos over night! Buuuut, using these tips will get you there! Promise, promise.


To go the longest possible between washes, you have to start with the cleanest hair possible. And so shampooing and shampooing well is actually super-important!

How to Shampoo

You’re probably thinking, “Lauren I learned to shampoo my hair at age six (or whatever!). I’m good.” But don’t skip this section!

For the cleanest locks, your shampoo routine┬ámay take a little longer than you’re used to. But trading a good three to five minute shampoo for five days between washes is a win in my book!

I start by brushing my hair pre-shower. To get the cleanest scalp possible, I like to rotate in a clarifying shampoo every couple of washes. (This one is my fav because it doesn’t strip the hair and is safe for color-treated hair.) I wet my hair and get a really good lather going. Then I use a scalp brush, massaging my scalp in little circular motions all over. (The scalp brush I use is $3. You can’t go wrong!) Then I slowly start adding water to my hair through my hands. Once I’m fully rinsed, I give my scalp one more massage throughout with the scalp brush. I follow with conditioner and am sure to rinse well again to make sure none remains on my scalp.

If I want my hair to last as long as possible, I find that blowdrying helps. I kind of hate blowdrying, but it gives my hair the extra volume and body to withstand days between shampoos. (Check out how I blow dry my hair here!)

How to use dry shampoo

The number one thing that most people get wrong is when they start applying dry shampoo. If your hair is already looking oily and in need of a wash, there is minimal improvement that dry shampoo can do!

You have to apply dry shampoo before your hair gets too dirty!

Yep. Applying it to clean hair will help! I know some people apply it to freshly washed hair to help get a little texture, but I prefer to wait until the end of the day before applying it to my hair. For example, I will shower and wash my hair on Monday morning. Then that night before bed, I will apply dry shampoo. And that actually brings me to tip #2!

Apply dry shampoo at night before bed!

I section off my hair and add dry shampoo to the roots. Once I’ve made it through my entire scalp, I massage the dry shampoo into my scalp with my fingers. While you sleep, the dry shampoo gets massaged further into your hair, and you’ll wake up with refreshed locks! In the morning, I brush really well. (This brush is my all-time favorite for really getting to the scalp. It’s also safe for wet hair!) That includes flipping my hair upside down and brushing from root to tip!

If you do happen to dry shampoo in the morning, allow the product to sit on your scalp for a few minutes. Then thoroughly brush root to tip to remove all residue.

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I follow that same routine every night before bed when I don’t plan on washing my hair the next day. But there is one other ocassion that I apply dry shampoo. (I know. My hair is pretty much all dry shampoo these days!)

Use dry shampoo post-workout!

After working out, I try to let my hair down as quickly as possibly from my ponytail. Once my scalp has dried, I lightly apply this dry shampoo to the areas that get most sweaty. For me that means my hairline and above my neck. I follow the same routine of applying, massaging, letting it sit, and then brushing out.

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The best dry shampoos

I actually have a couple of dry shampoos that I use, and I use them for different purposes. You could probably get away with just one, but I’d really recommend having at least one powder version and one spray!

Oscar Blandi Powder

Oscar Blandi claims they’re not discontinuing, but I can currently only find it in the smaller size online! GRRR. But regardless, this is my all-time favorite favorite. There is nothing I’ve tried that even compares it! I promise!

This powder leaves zero grit, tackiness, or residue behind. Once it’s fully brushed out, your hair just feels clean. This is the product I use every night before bed.

Perfect Hair Day

For post-workouts, this is the best. After working out, I prefer this one over powder because if my scalp has any sweat left to it, the powder can tend to stick. This spray applies super-easily. It does leave a bit of texture behind. So it’s not that strictly super-clean feeling. If I add this one to my roots and then do a quick blow dry with a round brush, I get crazy volume. It’s perfect if you need to head from your workout to errands, work, or a meeting.

Bumble and Bumble

This is my second favorite powder. If you’re interested in a powder that adds texture to hair for styling, this one is your dry shampoo. For thinner hair or hair that feels super-slick post-wash, bumble and bumble is a winner. It’ll help give your hair just a bit of grit to add curls or volume that will last!

A few other products I also mentioned previously were this clarifying shampoo, this scalp brush, this specific wet brush!

Do you have any additional dry shampoo questions? Leave ’em for me in the comments!


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  1. Jillian

    The Living Proof Dry shampoo is my ultimate favorite!! I have tried so many and that one is just the best. I am not good at doing it the night before as I prefer to wash my hair daily. Usually, I decide in the middle of the night that I am not going to get up early to shower haha.


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