Layla’s Toddler Gift Guide

Somehow my sweet little baby has grown into an opinionated toddler. She 100% knows what she likes, which actually made shopping easier this year! So, since she’s got it all figured out, I’m bringing you Layla’s toddler gift guide today! Everything you see are either items we already own or are gifts requested by L herself.

toddler gift guide - the very best toddler gift ideas straight from the horse's mouth-- my three-year-old Layla!! |

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1. When I bought this chair for Layla three years ago (yes she was an infant when I bought it ?) I had no idea what a hit it would be. She carries it around the living room, jumps off it (YEP.), and even flips it upside down to make a ramp for her toys. She’s a creative little stinker! ? But basically, it’s more than paid for itself at this point.

2. We just started playing board games with Layla recently, and these two are hits. Surprise Slides is very similar to Chutes and Ladders but has a puzzle piece-type elements on the board, that the kids can flip to change the route of the slides! And Candyland is another classic she loves! If you’re looking for starter board games, these are it!

3. Thanks, Nick Jr. for pushing this toy on us. Layla actually sprung this gift on us a few days ago. Right before we went to Santa, she suddenly said she was going to tell him she wanted a Paw Patrol Lookout Tower. Thankfully Gigi came to the rescue and ordered it for her since I had already done all my shopping!

4. Is your child always in your makeup? This is a MUST. It’s 100% pretend makeup but it actually looks legit in person! I’m really excited for Layla to open this one!

5. Our big-ticket item for the year. We actually got it on major sale on Black Friday, but you can still order it through Amazon and have it by Christmas! Layla has been adamant about getting a “red car” for months!

6. You can just never go wrong with Play-Doh… unless your kid is a color-mixer! ? Does anyone else hate that?! We typically only bring out two colors at a time to ease my anxiety ?, but this pack has plenty of options. So, if we lose a few to color-mixing, no biggie.

7. Marshall will forever be Layla’s favorite, but she’s really into all the Paw Patrol toys. She didn’t used to interact with them much, but now she loves playing pretend with them! These also work with the Lookout Tower and Paw Patroller.

8. Little Golden Books are a current fav around our house, especially the movie-based ones! I think she’s finally figured out which books are longer and is trying to hustle me, but I’m all for her being into books! ? Lately, it’s been Trolls and Finding Dory on repeat.

9. This was a gift from a few years back and it still gets love. One side is a chalk board, and the other is a white board. It also holds a roll of art paper, making it a perfect spot for painting! We definitely use this more in the Wintertime when we’re stuck indoors!

10. Let’s Blaaaaaaze! I actually bought the Blaze die cast car for Layla as a stocking stuffer but left the Amazon box out and guess who found it… ? I love that it’s not a cheapie plastic version. It actually will roll across an entire room!

11. Layla never got into her tricycle but I’m hoping this balance bike will be a hit. It’s a very affordable option and well-rated!

12. I recently mentioned these on Instagram Stories because Layla is obsessed. They are mess-free and perfect for travel or even just for dinners out! You just fill the pen with water and let your child “paint” the pictures. They dry white, meaning you can use them over and over!

13. We love Lego’s at our house. Layla has several kits, but I also bought her this filler pack that are off-brand. They are a fraction of the price and nearly identical. Seriously. If your child loves building blocks, save some moolah on these!!

14. These look and find books are so fun. The Paw Patrol one is a little easier, meant for smaller kids, but Layla will still play with it. We also love the more challenging versions like this one from Trolls or this Minnie Mouse version!

Do you have any additional recommendations? Leave ’em in the comments!



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