My All-time Favorite Travel Outfit

Over the years, I’ve shared my fair share of travel outfits. (In fact, you can see all of my travel wear posts here!) But after my most recent trip to California over the holidays, I think I’ve finally nailed it down: my all-time favorite travel outfit. After countless full days of travel, I’ve learned how much worse travel is when uncomfortable. But I’m also not one to travel in pajamas. I’ve found the perfect combination of comfort and style.

my all-time favorite travel outfit - the best plane travel outfit |

This travel outfit really hits all the must-haves for me. First of all, it’s comfy. Individually these pieces are all those I’d recommend for comfort. This long-sleeve ribbed tee is soft and the fit is oversized in the body. It’s one of those flattering pieces that just covers all of the midsection without looking frumpy. I think part of that is the tighter sleeves. It prevents the fit from looking sloppy. The scoop neck is also flattering! That’s probably how I ended up with three of them… Oops.

And next up, these jeans, y’all. I would’ve never ordered this on my own. But after hearing a blog friend mention them, I looked them up. And all of the online rave reviews were enough for me to at least give them a try. Let me tell ya: they truly live up to the hype. I have the dark wash denim pair, but they also come in black. They are stretchy without becoming baggy and without losing their shape. The waist is elastic and forgiving, but the jeans still have functioning back pockets. My husband even confused them with a pair of dress pants. I don’t think anyone would mistake them for jeggings, which is my kind of jegging! ?

And lastly, this wrap. Ooooh this wrap. It was a Christmas present from my husband, and I can’t express in words how much I love it. It is the softest, coziest material ever. When wearing it, I actually had a few people ask if they could touch me. Of course I let them because I had to share the Barefoot Dreams love! This is the kind of piece you’ll never want to take off.

So basically, you add ’em all together, and you’ll feel like you’re in you comfy-cozies no matter how long the travel day. You just really can’t go wrong! And if you’re traveling in Summer, I’d just swap this tee for a short sleeve version! I always recommend a cardi or wrap no matter what the season because planes can be cold. Layers are necessary!

favorite travel outfit plane - my all-time favorite outfit for plane travel |

what to wear on a plane - my all-time favorite travel outfit |

favorite plane travel outfit - what to wear on a plane |

plane travel outfit - my all-time favorite travel outfit |

Tee (SIZE DOWN ONE. Comes in many colors!) | Wrap (Comes in two other colors) | Pull-on jeans (also in black)| Sneakers


12 thoughts on “My All-time Favorite Travel Outfit

  1. Mica

    Oh that wrap looks so perfectly soft and cosy! 🙂

    I always travel with a big blanket scarf, only because I’m petite and a wrap would swamp me. You look so good in yours!

    Hope that you are having a good week so far! Busy week here for me now that I’m back at work after my break.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Paul

    I agree that you should have a plan, somehow doing things without a plan never really worked, esp since we never travel more than a month and you want to see as much as you can without being stuck or missing out something that you could have added if you tried to plan a bit more careful.. Walton Station Taxis


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