Toddler Easter Basket Ideas on Amazon Prime!

As busy parents it’s not always easy to get the store– or get to the store solo without kids! And I know personally that that can leave me scrambling last-minute. But thank goodness for Amazon Prime, right mamas? I can always count on them to pull through with their 1-2 day shipping! ? So, in honor of all the busy parents out there. This one’s for you: my favorite toddler Easter basket ideas on Amazon Prime!

best toddler easter basket ideas on amazon prime! Get everything delivered to your day in 1-2 days! |


Of course everyone needs eggs, right?! If you’re heading to (or hosting!) an Easter Egg hunt, this pack of 50 is perfect. But this year, I couldn’t resist the cuteness of this pack. I mean, plastic carrots, bunny eggs, and chicks? YES, please! I also like that they’re a bit bigger. I could fit a small toy or about three mini chocolate candies inside!

best toddler easter basket ideas - cute easter basket ideas available on amazon prime! Gotta love 2-day shipping, right?! |


I know not everyone loves including candy in their baskets, but I’m all for adding at least a few pieces for my three year old. What’s an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny?! I especially enjoy these Dove bunnies because my toddler clearly can’t eat all that chocolate alone. ? This packet of chocolate bunny ears is also adorable! (I can’t be the only one who felt guilty about actually eating a bunny-shaped chocolate as a child, right?!) And then I always throw in a few of these minis in a couple of eggs. And yes, again, I always pick a pack with mini Snickers because mama’s gotta be happy to, ya know?!

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Activity Packs

For independent play at home or for those times we actually happen to eat at a restaurant, it’s always nice to have travel-ready activities! Melissa & Doug have a few of our all-time favorites. Layla is obsessed with the Water Wow books. (I think we have five or six now?! I’d definitely recommend getting the three-pack and putting the extras away for travel or entertainment emergencies! ? )  She’s just starting to get into the Scratch Art books too, but I wouldn’t recommend those for kids under three just because of the coordination it takes! Check out the fun options like vehicles, animals, and fairy tales. And lastly, the Paint with Water books are also another great option! Again, I’d recommend those for ages three and up!

best toddler easter basket ideas on amazon prime. Gotta love 2-day shipping, right?! |


What kid doesn’t love bubbles?! (Honestly, they’re one of my favorite things to play outside with my daughter too!) The classic wands are a great inexpensive option! And I just bought my daughter this no-spill Paw Patrol bubble bucket for her basket this year! Last year I bought her one of these bubble guns as well, and it’s still a hit a year later! She loves being able to create so many bubbles at once! (Beware of the noisy animal versions if you’re not a fan of sound-making toys though! I’ve heard that they’re pretty loud and obnoxious! ?)


We’re very much a book family over here! So, every holiday, I always gift Layla at least one or two books! This year we picked up this Easter story book, which focuses on the religious aspect of Easter in a kid-friendly way. In year’s past we’ve bought the Paw Patrol Pup’s Save the Bunnies book and Llama Llama Easter Egg. I also found this cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Easter book for those Mickey lovers!

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Play Doh

Like bubbles, Play Doh is one of those staples you just can’t go wrong with! I love using holidays to stock up on a multi-pack like this. But if you’re already set with Play Doh, you can always add fun accessories like this fun tool and molds set. We actually also recently picked up this shape and slice kitchen set. It’s a big hit!

Sidewalk Chalk

Can a kid ever have too much sidewalk chalk? During spring, it’s one of Layla’s favorite activities, and inevitably the neighborhood kids end up out there with her! So, we’re pretty much always stocked! Last year I went theme-y with this adorable egg shaped chalk set, but now that she’s getting older, she wants all the colors! This 16-pack is a great alternative! For those little ones just getting started with chalk, I love that this set comes with holders for a better grip! Sidewalk chalk stencils are also another fun option!

toddler easter basket ideas on amazon prime |

And in case those ideas weren’t enough, why not try sandbox toys, art supplies (paint, markers or crayons!), or even kinetic sand! Anything to keep up busy and thinking, right?!

What are some of your favorite toddler Easter basket ideas?


2 thoughts on “Toddler Easter Basket Ideas on Amazon Prime!

  1. Lauren

    We have done swimsuits, sandals and a towel or coverup if a new one is needed. That way when we have a sporadically warm day here in Maryland we’re prepared! Much like you, we try to limit the amount of candy the easter bunny brings.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite some time and delighted to read you’re expecting again!


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