Spring Pregnancy Must-Have: Maxi Dresses!

I may be a die-hard denim lover, but when the temps rise, especially here in the south, jeans are the last thing I want to wear. And honestly, even shorts can be unappealing with a big belly panel and a shirt on top of it! (Two words for ya: sticky sweat. ? ) But one of my never-fail options, my spring pregnancy must-have is maxi dresses! And the best part is that there are so many non-maternity dress options!

spring pregnancy must-have maxi dresses - non-maternity maxi dress for pregnancy spring | bylaurenm.com

Along with having more options outside the limited maternity lines, you also don’t have to pay maternity prices. Aaaand many of my maxi dresses work for post-pregnancy too! It’s the best bang for your buck, your closet, and most importantly, your comfort level!

This dress in particular is a downright steal. At $32 you just can’t go wrong. It also comes in a black floral. Just a word to the wise for my bustier ladies out there: it is a little low cut! I didn’t find it inappropriate even with my pregnancy boobs ?, but it is worth mentioning if your cups runneth over. A little fashion tape could go a long way for extra coverage!

To get the most wear out of non-maternity maxis, you’ll want to look for a couple things while shopping. First of all, and most-important is the empire waist cut! Styles fitted just below the bust line will always be your best bet. As your belly grows, you won’t have to worry about fighting the midsection of your dress! Along with that empire waist, an elastic waistline is ideal. You’ll be comfy, and it’ll fit for the longest period of time! Lastly, look for a flow-y skirt. Having more fabric accommodates that growing belly and keeps you light and cool. No one wants to be vacuum-sealed into a dress when it’s hot outside, right?!

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spring maternity outfit ideas - non-maternity must-have maxi dresses spring pregnancy | bylaurenm.com

floral maxi dress maternity - spring maternity outfit | bylaurenm.com

spring maternity outfit maxi dress - floral non-maternity maxi dress second trimester outfit | bylaurenm.com

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