Weekly Cleaning Routine

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House cleaning: it’s one of the least exciting topics ever, right?! But ever since I started working from home and taking care of Layla, staying on top of my household chores has become more important to me. Since I’m physically there more hours, more messes are made. The kitchen is used at least three times a day, we go through more laundry, and toys end up everywhere. Aaaand the messes drive me more crazy since I’m surrounded by them.

Around two years ago, I started a weekly cleaning schedule. Every day I’d assign myself a certain task or room to clean, so that over the course of the week the entire house would be cleaned. Honestly, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon and restarted SO many times. But something about spring gets me reinvigorated to clean up and keep things tidy! So, today I’m sharing my spring cleaning routine!

My cleaning routine hasn’t always looked exactly like this. In fact, since Layla started school, I’ve switched around some things. On the days when she has school and extracurriculars, I assign myself tasks that aren’t as lengthy. And some days when I’m home, I’ll even double up to give myself a day of rest. But in general this is how I keep myself organized!

weekly cleaning routine - weekly home cleaning schedule: what rooms to clean each day to always have a clean home! bylaurenm.com



Mondays we are in and out of the house, so it’s a great day for laundry. I can start a load and forget about it until a little later in the day. I change all of the sheets on our beds, and do the majority of the week’s laundry. Between clothing, sheets, and towels, I normally do around four to five loads. I also have the goal of folding and putting everything away, but most of the time I just end up folding!

  • Change out linens (change sheets and towels)
  • Laundry (Layla’s clothes, my clothes, sheets, and towels)

weekly cleaning routine - easy weekly cleaning plan | bylaurenm.com


Time to tackle the bedrooms! I start by picking up (because there always seems to be piles of clothing and shoes collected from the week). If I haven’t put away all my laundry, I do this too. I also dust the bedrooms and vacuum.

  • Bedrooms (dust + vacuum)

spring cleaning - weekly home cleaning schedule: what rooms to clean each day to always have a clean home! bylaurenm.com


On Wednesdays I work on the kitchen. I often have to sweep multiple times a week because dogs and a kid. But on this day, I give a thorough sweep and follow up by mopping the floors. I also wipe down the fronts of the counters and appliances.

  • Kitchen (sweep, mop, wipe cabinets + appliances)

home cleaning routine - daily cleaning schedule to keep your home clean! bylaurenm.com


Bathrooms are probably one of my least favorites. I mentioned on Instagram stories my disdain for cleaning tubs, and y’all thoroughly agreed. It’s the worst. But ya gotta do it! So along with the tub, I also sweep the floor, clean counters, and scrub the toilet. Fun stuff.

  • Bathrooms (sweep, clean counters, clean tubs, toilet)

weekly home cleaning routine | bylaurenm.com


In prep for the weekend, I like to save the living room for last. We spend a lot of time there as a family on the weekends, so it’s nice to start fresh. I dust, vacuum, and clean my glass top tables. (Word to the wise: glass top tables and kids are a horrible combination! ?) If I have additional time, I also like to go back over the bedrooms with the vacuum. Like I mentioned, starting the weekend off fresh feels awesome!

  • Living room (dust, vacuum, clean glass)
  • Vacuum bedrooms again


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