32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Welp, y’all. We’re looking at single digit weeks left at this point! I’m finally in my eighth month, and I swear time is speeding up. It’s hard to believe baby girl could be here in 6-8 weeks! Whoa. 32 weeks certainly snuck up on me!

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How far along are you? 32 weeks

All about baby: Baby weighs about 4 lbs. and is somewhere between 15 and 17 inches long. She continues to be quite the little wiggler, but I’m definitely noticing that she’s developing wake times and sleep times! There are times when I won’t feel her much and then she’s dancing up a storm! One of her favorite wake times is when I get in bed at night. Baby girl better get in line because this mama is no night owl. ? At this week’s checkup, her heart rate was at 135 bpm, and she seems to be sitting low still. The sonogram tech struggled to find her heartbeat until she went all the way down to my hip! Baby also prefers my right side over my left. I can actually see more of a bulge on that side! Layla was the same way!

Have you decided on a name? This is a major change!! I think we actually might be set! I never thought that we’d decide before baby gets here, but l was leaning towards one name a few weeks ago. And ever since then Aaron has been referring to her by that name. Even Layla calls her by it sometimes, and it just feels right. We’ll probably still not announce until she’s born though just in case.

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Are you having any cravings? Mostly it seems like my cravings have subsided for now. I have found myself favoring healthier options lately. I’ve been making lots of protein bowls, smoothies, and salads. Maybe baby will be a veggie-lover?!

Weight Gain: 18 lbs

How are you feeling? Pretty good although I’m really feeling the pregnancy these days! I’ve had more backaches lately, and if it’s not my back, it’s round ligament pain, lightning crotch (YES, this is a legit thing ?), or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction aka pubic bone pain. I really don’t remember going through much of this at all with Layla, so apparently my body is just falling apart this time! ? And when it comes sleep time, restless leg syndrome is a nightly battle. I know that sounds like a lot, but I feel like I’m taking it in stride (mostly!). It’s all a part of the process! Also worth noting: my bump had an overnight growth spurt! Earlier this week I put on a dress and noticed that my belly seemed to be sticking out horizontally a lot more. Even my mom caught it on Facetime, and she just saw me in person two weeks ago! I know we’ve got a few more big spurts to go!

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How are you sleeping? Like I just mentioned, RLS is something I just developed over the past couple of weeks, and it can be so annoying when I’m trying to finally rest! My doc suggested magnesium or Tylenol PM, so I plan on giving that a try. Of course I’m still getting up a minimum of three times for bathroom breaks, but it also seems like overall I’m just sleeping less hours. Pre-pregnancy, I could never stay up past 10, but lately I find myself awake until nearly 11. And then I wake up around 6 still. Maybe it’s just my body getting in gear to function on less sleep!

Baby Prep: The baby’s room finally has carpet and is painted! PROGRESS, Y’ALL! Next up: finding someone to install wallpaper (or attempting it ourselves.) Has anyone done this recently? I’m kind of scared of attempting it myself! As far as furniture goes, we’re ready to go, so we just have to arrange it…. And I suppose I should get some prints on the walls. The post-first-child procrastination is real. ? Also I just realized this week that we still don’t have an infant car seat. After a few hours of cramping and Dr. Google-induced panic on my part, I’m adding it to the top of my list!!

Best moment of the week: I always love hearing baby’s heartbeat, so that deserves a mention. But I think my highlight was getting our floors redone finally! We ditched the carpet for wood, and I am in love with how it looks. Layla also had VBS this week, and I got a little solo mommy time, which was nice! I’m definitely looking forward to a lower-key week next week though. And we’re headed to the beach for the weekend!


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5 thoughts on “32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

  1. Mica

    Oh wow this pregnancy seems to be flying by (although when you’re the one with the pregnancy aches and pains I’m sure it doesn’t feel like that, haha!)

    I had such a craving for sweet potatoes in pregnancy with my youngest, and he still loves them now! His big brother won’t touch them, ha!

    Hope you’ve been having a good week and have a nice weekend ahead of you! Enjoy the beach!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Lori Carey

    Lightning crotch is real, and it will take you by surprise at first! You fully expect that the baby is going to come shooting out at that point. I did find that stretching helped a lot with the back pain!


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