Favorite Mom Shorts for Summer

It’s officially shorts season, y’all. I haven’t worn jeans in several weeks, and at this point I doubt they’ll see the light of day until September! ? But with the shorts-transition comes the struggle of finding the perfect pair. I feel like Goldie Locks! So many are too short, show too much booty, or just aren’t comfortable. How’s a mom to find the perfect pair?! Over the past couple of years, I’ve found a few reliable go-to’s. And since I’m currently expecting, I’ll also be sharing a couple of maternity options too! Here are my favorite mom shorts for summer!

my favorite mom shorts - the tried and true pairs I wear every summer! Plus I included the maternity versions too! | bylaurenm.com

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Classic Rolled Shorts

favorite mom shorts for summer - the best tried and true mom shorts! See the full list at bylaurenm.com

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I’ve had these shorts for over five years, y’all. They are seriously a classic that never goes out of style! So naturally when I got pregnant, I also purchased the exact maternity version too. So far they’ve pulled me through two pregnancies. There is also now a slightly distressed version of the same shorts if you want something a little more trendy!

the very best mom shorts - my tried-and-true maternity shorts! See all five pairs on bylaurenm.com!

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Affordable Distressed Shorts

how wear a draped sweater - short sleeve draped sweater | For more fall transition outfits, go to bylaurenm.com!

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After seeing several other mamas talk about how much they loved these shorts, I finally ordered a pair. Even though I hadn’t purchased anything from American Eagle since high school, I was so impressed with these! The pair I own is more distressed, but I love this year’s version even more. They’re a little less ripped with a more classic look. If I wasn’t currently expecting, I’d be ordering another pair of these this year. They’re so affordable at under $50! And they often go on sale! I’d recommend staying true to size, but if you’re in between, size down! They do loosen up a bit with wear!


White Rolled Shorts

my favorite mom shorts for summer - the very best mom shorts! Come see the full list of tried-and-true shorts at bylaurenm.com!

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Since I love my classic blue ones, my love for these should come as no surprise! They’re long enough and a comfy denim you can wear all day. They do have a slightly relaxed fit, so if you like a very fitted short, size down. I enjoy a little extra room in my shorts though and stayed TTS! ? I also own this maternity version that are equally as comfortable.

casual pregnancy outfits

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Linen Shorts

best mom shorts - sharing my tried and true mom shorts that I love for comfort and length! See all five picks at bylaurenm.com!

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I’m not sure why it took me so long to get on the linen shorts bandwagon, but y’all I am on it now. I originally tried on these non-maternity ones while at Old Navy since ON no longer carries maternity in our store. I was obsessed with how light and comfortable they were, but the fit wasn’t quite right (#bumplife). I ordered the maternity version (in two colors!) as soon as I got home, and I’ve been wearing them weekly! They do fit relaxed, so you might want to size down one size if you want a more fitted look. I’m own the maternity ones in a medium.

best mom shorts - linen shorts for summer! Check the post for all five pairs of must-have mom shorts! | bylaurenm.com

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Distressed Cuffed Shorts

favorite mom shorts for summer - best maternity and non-maternity denim shorts for moms! See the full list of favs at bylaurenm.com!

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When it comes to maternity denim shorts, these are my absolute favorite. The denim is a little lighter and less stiff. It also has plenty of stretch, which is so necessary! If you’re going to invest in one pair of maternity denim shorts, I’d recommend these 100%. Although I haven’t personally tried them, they also come in a non-maternity version! They are same exact style and wash, so they should be just as comfy! Sizing availability is a bit limited though!


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