Five Tips for Going Longer in Between Hair Washes

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Let’s get real: washing my hair is one of my least favorite things. Sure, I love having clean hair! But the process of washing, blowdrying and styling can be time-consuming, especially when your time is very precious. (Hey fellow busy mamas out there– talkin’ to you!) I mean, if I only have a total of 15-20 minutes in the morning to get ready, I have to prioritize! Pluuus, there are benefits to washing less: not stripping your hair of natural oils, extending the life of your color, less damage from heat styling… Have I convinced you to not wash your hair today, yet?! ?If so, then read on for my five tips for going longer in between hair washes. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned dry shampoo master, hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips!

Five Tips to Extend Your Hair Wash

1. Deep clean your hair

When you do shampoo your hair, make it count! Because I go longer between washes, I end up with extra product and oil in my hair when I do wash it. So, I always make sure to give it a deep clean! One of the best ways to do that is by using a charcoal shampoo to detox your hair!

I’ve been loving and using Pantene’s new Charcoal Collection for the past few weeks and definitely recommend it! The line includes activated charcoal, which is a purifying ingredient! The activated charcoal acts like a magnet, attracting impurities in your hair while also releasing antioxidants. Basically after using both the Pantene Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner my hair is not only refreshed and clean but also has renewed body and shine. Both products are also free of parabens, dyes, and silicones. You can pick some up here!

tips for skipping hair washes: my top tips for going longer in between hair washes!

2. Blow dry on the day you wash

I know blow drying takes extra time, but it really helps! When I blow dry with a round brush, my hair has extra volume. That extra volume translates to extra days between washes! Think about it this way: without blowdrying, my hair starts out flat, and it only gets more flat as the days go on. A lack of volume plus oil equates to dirtier looking hair. It may take ten extra minutes on hair-washing day, but those ten minutes give me at least one extra day of not washing!

3. Watch what product you apply to your roots

Some products, like dry shampoo are meant for your roots, but others will actually make them appear more greasy! I make sure to only apply conditioner to my ends in the shower. I also avoid getting shine serum and texturizing spray on my roots to extend the life of my washes!

tips for skipping hair washes: my top tips for going longer in between hair washes!

4. Apply dry shampoo at night

Game-changer right here, y’all. I used to apply dry shampoo in the morning before I was trying to style it and walk out the door. But it didn’t really have enough time to work its magic on my scalp, and then I wondered why my hair didn’t really look that much cleaner. When you apply before bed, it has plenty of time to absorb into your hair!

The best part is that applying at night is also a morning routine time-saver! You just wake up, brush out your hair, and it’s ready to style! I typically run the brush around my scalp in circular motions to make sure there isn’t any dry shampoo residue left, style, and go!

5. Gradually increase time between washes

If you wash your hair every day, don’t expect to suddenly go a week in between washes! It is definitely a process. To go longer you’ll need to “train” your hair. I’d recommend starting with washing every other day. If your hair isn’t oily after one day, try two and so on! Give your hair and scalp time to adjust and remember it will take time!

Also, not everyone will be able to go the same amount of time between washes! For my hair, I can typically go about five days but I have pushed it to a week before. Just remember that everyone’s hair is different! The thinner and more fine your hair is, the more you’ll have to wash!


What are your tips for going longer between hair washes? Have you tried Pantene’s new charcoal shampoo and conditioner yet?


3 thoughts on “Five Tips for Going Longer in Between Hair Washes

  1. Stacy

    Is there a dry shampoo that works well w/ curly or wavy hair? I can’t use a brush on my hair or it will look a hot mess.

  2. Shannon

    Something I just did, wash your hair brush and combs. It sounds silly, I could not believe how dirty it was.

    Thanks for your post about hair. Some great ideas I will try tonight, like dry shampoo.


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