Three Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt for Fall

Denim skirts aren’t just for spring and summer! They are a year-round staple! So, today I’m sharing three ways to wear a denim skirt for fall! And I even included a few variations to show you how you could make these three outfit formulas into countless combinations!


Outfit One: Tee + Skirt + Outfit Topper

We’re starting with a very simple, easy combo with pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe! I just paired a tee with my denim skirt and added an outfit topper, which in this case is a cardigan!

You could wear this outfit with any type of tee: a solid, printed option, or even a graphic tee! To make sure you maintain a waistline, I recommend either knotted your tee or tucking it in. I also prefer the longer cardigan as opposed to a cropped version. Keep it hip length to knee length!

Tee | Skirt | Cardigan | Flats (Option under $35)


Variation One: Swap for Sneakers!

If you want to go more casual, try a sneaker instead!


Variation Two: Swap for Booties + Moto Jacket

For a slightly more edgy look, I love this outfit combination paired with a moto jacket and booties too! In effort to show you easy swaps, I kept on my stripe tee, but if I were to wear this outfit version out, I’d prefer it with a solid or graphic tee.

Booties | Moto Jacket

Outfit Two: Chunky Sweater + Skirt

This is one of my favorite ways to wear a denim skirt for fall! And it’s all about proportions. You can wear an oversized chunky sweater with your skirt as long as the skirt is closer to the body! I would not try this with a skirt that is longer than knee length. Again it’s all about balancing an oversized piece with a fitted one! Be sure to tuck that sweater in or you’ll lose your waist!

As far as shoes go, I love this with a heeled boot or bootie. It adds some femininity to the outfit and elongates the leg!

Sweater (optionoption in brown) | Skirt | Boots

Variation One: Swap for Mules

If you’re anti-heel, pointed toe mules are a great option! The pointed toe still elongates the leg and looks feminine!



Variation Two: Swap for Flats

These pointed toe d’orsay flats are another great option. They elongate the leg and have a feminine side cut out. These exact ones come in several colors, including a leopard print, which I think would look adorable with this outfit variation!


Outfit Three: Button Down + Skirt + Outfit Topper

If you’re looking for a work to weekend outfit combination, this is it! For more casual workplaces or casual Fridays, it’s perfect! (You could always swap the denim skirt for a pencil skirt for the office too!)

This is a super-versatile combination because your outfit topper could be anything: a cardigan, a poncho, a blazer, a leather jacket! And the button down could also be a long sleeve version, a printed version, or even chambray! Mix and match to make countless different combinations!

Button Down | Skirt | Vest | Mules


Variation One: Swap for Cardigan

I also love this combination with the cardigan as the outfit topper. It’s very classic! You could even swap for sneakers to make it more laid-back!



Variation Two: Swap for Poncho

For fall, I love throwing on a poncho over a tee, but it looks even more polished over a button down! I actually just wore these two together this weekend and loved it. It’s also a very nursing-friendly outfit!



Which outfit is your favorite?


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