Five Snow Day Outfits

If you were following on Instagram over this weekend, I’m sure you saw the big surprise snow that we had! We were only expecting about three inches, but we hit that before noon and it did not stop! By nightfall we had over a foot. So much for a light dusting! ?In honor of our snow days (if not week–we are in Richmond after all ?) I came up with five snow day outfits for y’all. Some are sportier looks and some are dressier but all will keep you cozy and warm for the winter weather!

Five Snow Day Outfits

For most of these outfits, I follow a simple formula of skinny pant, heavier sweater, outer layer, thick socks, and snow boot. That may sound like a lot, but once you see the various outfits, it’s pretty simple and straightforward.¬†And even though all five outfits fulfill the formula, they really are perfect for different occasions.

Oversized Sweater + Jeans

This isn’t a great look for playing in the snow. Cold, wet denim is not a good combination! But if you have anywhere to go, this outfit is perfect! I wore a nearly identical combination to church on Sunday. I was nice and warm yet still felt put-together and cute.

cute snow day outfit - five snow day outfits for winter!

Coat | Sweater | Jeans | Socks | Boots | Hat


Pullover + Vest + Leggings

For being warm without having to wear a massive jacket, I love this combo. It has plenty of layers to keep you warm. Between the turtleneck, sherpa pullover, and vest I was fully bundled! If you do want to wear your Hunter boots in the snow, just remember that they are not insulated! A nice thick sock is a must! You could also layer with snow pants here!

casual snow day outfit - five snow day outfits for winter!

Sherpa | Vest | Turtleneck | Leggings | Boots | Hat


Turtleneck + Vest + Jeans

This is another I-just-want-to-be-cute (but warm) kind of outfit. I went with shades of grey to create a monochrome color palette, but of course any combination would do! A nice thick puffer vest like this one is a great option for colder weather. It’s not quite as flattering on the body as some of the lighter ones, but sometimes warmth is more important, right?! ?You could also add a jacket on top of the vest for even more warmth.

grey snow day outfit - five snow day outfits for winter!

Turtleneck | Vest | Jeans | Socks | Boots | Hat


Leggings + Turtleneck + Puffer Jacket

There is something very chic about winter white, dontcha think? And black and white is an always-classic combo. I paired my lighter white puffer jacket with a turtleneck, spanx leggings, and cozy black socks. Of course I don’t have a heavier puffy jacket since weather like this is not the norm here, but a heavier puffer jacket would be perfect for this look. I’d also layer a pair of snow pants for actually sledding and playing with the kids!

black and white snow day outfit - five snow day outfits for winter!

Turtleneck | Jacket | Leggings | Socks | Boots | Hat


Long Turtleneck + Leggings

This look is actually from a post I did last year with mommy and me snow outfits! But it fit the formula, so I added it in! This long turtleneck has been my go-to during winter for the past year. I’ve worn it with sneakers, with boots, and for snow days! A longer tunic-length sweater is a winter must in my book!

snow outfit - warm snow day outfit | Get outfit details or see more Winter mommy and me outfits at!

Sweater | Leggings | Coat | Boot socks | Boots | Beanie


Which look was your favorite?

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4 thoughts on “Five Snow Day Outfits

  1. Allen

    Perfect snowy day outfits and I must say you always look good when you’ve got your Wellingtons on, I’d be lost without my Hunter Wellingtons.


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