Ten Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

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Wintertime can be rough. It’s cold, dreary (at least here on the East Coast!), and it seems like someone is always under the weather. With kids, there is always a cold or a virus going around. And since having Ellie, we’ve been trying to be even more vigilant about staying healthy to protect her little immune system! Of course the inevitable bug still happens from time to time, but we’ve been much healthier this year thanks to these tips for staying healthy this winter!

Richmond Virginia mom blogger Lauren Dix shares her top ten tips for staying heathy this winter!

1. Wash Hands Frequently

Of course, this one is at the top of the list! Every time we walk in the door from school or from running errands, we all immediately go wash our hands. Before meals we wash again. If Layla has the sniffles, I make sure to have her wash her hands after she blows her nose. It may sound like I’m going overboard, but it’s a difference-maker for us! Little hands seem to touch everything, so the cleaner they are, the better!

When I was talking to our pediatrician recently, she even made the recommendation to take it a step further. After school, she suggested we have Layla change her clothes and even bathe if we had the time. We’ve still been sticking to our nighttime bath time routine, but I’ve been trying to be better about having Layla change once she’s home!

Richmond Virginia mom blogger Lauren Dix shares her top ten tips for staying heathy this winter!

2. Carry Hand Sanitizer When You’re Out of the House

This goes hand in hand with #1, but sometimes when I’m out, I don’t have access to soap and water. Car diaper changes, on the go nose blows, when my kid randomly throws up in the back seat of the car and I get vomit on me while I’m cleaning her up… Oddly specific enough for ya? Been there, done that. ?

3. Get Plenty of Rest

Behind hand washing, this one is the most important for me personally. I do not function well on minimal sleep, and if I go several days without a good night’s rest, I almost always get sick. Some studies suggest that getting adequate sleep is just as important as exercise and healthy eating to your overall health, so be sure to stick to your bedtime! For adults, we should be aiming for 7-9 hours! (Eight is my sweet spot!) Kids, of course need more rest. Layla doesn’t nap anymore, but she still typically gets around 12 hours of sleep a night! 

Richmond Virginia mom blogger Lauren Dix shares her top ten tips for staying heathy this winter!

4. Use a Humidifier

Another tip from our pediatrician that has really stuck with me over the years is that once the heater goes on, the humidifier should go on too. Cold winter air is very dry. (Actually the colder it is, the drier it is!) And it can not only dry out your skin, but also cause dehydration, irritate your sinuses, and exacerbate asthma. As someone who suffers from both asthma and year-round allergies, a humidifier is a must.  

5. Stay Hydrated 

I’m sure this is one of those things you’ve heard over and over again. But it’s an important one! To make sure I stay hydrated, I never leave the house without my tumbler cup. (No really though!) Even if I take a cup of tea or coffee in the car with me, I also take my water. It’s just become a part of my daily routine! Thankfully, Layla has learned to love water too and knows to grab her own water bottle every time we head out the door! 

If you struggle with drinking water, try getting yourself a special cup. Mine keeps my water extra cold, which helps me drink more! I also prefer drinking cold water out of a straw (I like these stainless steel ones!). I’m not sure of the science behind that one, but it works for me. ?You can also try fruit-infused water or mix it up with sparkling water! I almost always drink a La Croix with my lunch.

Richmond Virginia mom blogger Lauren Dix shares her top ten tips for staying heathy this winter!

6. Exercise

I always feel better when I exercise! It instantly boosts my mood, even if actually starting the workout soured it. ?Since having Ellie, I still haven’t gotten back in a routine, but several days a week, Layla and I have been going on short walks. And if it’s too cold, there is nothing like an at-home dance party to help us get active! I won’t be back running half marathons anytime soon, but every little bit helps!

I also love my smart watch for keeping me on track. I just shared the other night about how I was pacing our house at 10 pm to make sure I made my movement goal for the day. (Please tell me someone else has been there!) If monitoring your movement throughout the day is a motivator to you, it’s definitely worth at least ordering a pedometer to count your daily steps!

7. Eat Healthy Foods 

This can be a struggle for me. I enjoy eating heathy foods, and my body actually craves fruits and vegetables when I don’t eat enough of them! But as a mom, sometimes it’s easier to eat a quick PB&J and grab a handful of chips. The game-changer for me with this one was meal prepping. Once or twice a week, I’ll batch make hard-boiled eggs, protein, and cut up veggies. Throwing together a salad or grabbing veggies as a snack is as easy as reaching for a handful of goldfish crackers!

Richmond Virginia mom blogger Lauren Dix shares her top ten tips for staying heathy this winter!

8. Sharing is Not Always Caring

Explaining this one to a preschooler who you’ve drilled the importance of sharing into can be tricky. But like I mentioned before, Layla always has her own water bottle. I also make sure to portion out snacks. Food and snacks get served in bowls, plates, or snack bags to prevent eating out of the package. Not only does that help with germ spreading but also portion control– double win.

9. Keep Scotties Facial Tissues Placed Strategically Around Your Home

Have you ever heard your kid sneeze one of those really wet sneezes? Only to hear it followed by, “Mooooom! I need a tissue?!” When there isn’t one nearby, I swear those little hands seem to touch everything in their path on the way to the bathroom! Nothing will make you want to grab the sanitizer so quickly. ? So in every room (the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms!), we have Scotties Facial Tissues. Layla loves how soft they are on her nose. I appreciate that they’re strong enough to withstand my husband’s sneezes. ?And I definitely appreciate their beautiful box designs too! Scotties offers a variety of designs that fit every home. I love how they mesh with our personal style without sticking out!

10. Sanitize

When I just had Layla, I was so good about regularly sanitizing her toys. Now, not so much. But, I’m determined to get back in the routine. Just grab some sanitizing wipes and wipe down those toys, y’all! Also don’t forget to wipe down doors, door knobs, light switches, cabinets, really anything that gets touched on the reg’. You can also use a steamer to sanitize fabric or soft toys. Some plastic ones can even just be thrown in the dishwasher!

Do y’all have tips for staying healthy this winter? Leave ’em for me in the comments!


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