Winter to Spring Grey Jeans Outfits

I love a classic pair of blue jeans. Y’all know that a dark wash skinny jean is one of my wardrobe must-haves. But I also like switching it up with colored jeans! Black, white, and grey jeans are just as versatile as any blue denim. And they can also completely change the look of your outfit! 

For winter into spring, I tend to reach for my grey jeans more often than any other time of year. They just pair so perfectly with neutrals and pastels, making them a great transitional outfit piece. From monochromatic all grey looks to feminine pink outfits, I’ll share three ways to bring grey jeans from winter into spring. 


Grey on Grey Outfits

There is just something very timeless and classic about a monochromatic outfit. I love wearing all black, all white (maybe without the kids around ?) and yep, all grey looks! Grey on grey can be a little trickier just because you’ll want to make sure the tones are similar. But that’s easy to do by trying on the greys together or simply holding them up against each other. 

Winter Outfit

For my winter grey on grey look, I paired my jeans with this tunic length turtleneck. These work well together because they are both cool-toned grey. I also like that they are not exactly the same shade, which breaks up the color.

I also added some black in my outfit to add a little more color variation! I also think that a black denim jacket would be so cute with this look! You could also swap the black pieces for tans as well!

Six winter to spring grey jeans outfits from Virginia blogger Lauren Dix.

Tunic | Jacket | Jeans (option under $40)| Booties 


Spring Outfit

For the spring look, I swapped my tunic for a tee! I also paired the outfit with white sneakers. Although white sneakers are something you can wear all year long, I especially love them for spring and summer outfits. They add some brightness to a look!

To break up the monochromatic grey here, I wore a light wash denim jacket. You could also do a utility-style jacket in any color or a colored denim jacket. A white denim or black denim would be so cute here too!

Six winter to spring grey jeans outfits from Virginia blogger Lauren Dix.

Tee | Jeans (option under $40) | Jacket | Sneakers


Leopard Print and Grey Jeans Outfits

If you would have asked me a few years ago, I never would have worn tan and grey together! But now, I absolutely love the combination! Since they’re both neutrals, they really do pair beautifully. For the next two looks, I went with tan-based leopard prints against my grey jeans. In my opinion, grey and leopard print should always be a thing!

Winter Outfit

I have shared several variations of this outfit over the past few month because stripes and leopard print are another one of my favorites! I love how all of these neutrals coordinate with each other, but the mix of prints keeps it fun and playful!

To make this exact combination ready for spring, you could swap a sweater for a long sleeve or short sleeve tee. The shoe could be anything: sneakers, flats, or whatever you have in your wardrobe! 

Six winter to spring grey jeans outfits from Virginia blogger Lauren Dix.

Sweater | Scarf | Jeans (option under $40) | Boots


Spring Outfit

To bring leopard print and grey into spring, I chose my lightweight leopard print blouse and red flats! This outfit is one that would work perfectly for casual office environments as well as on the weekends! If you wanted to make it more casual, you could swap the flats for sneakers! You could also easily add some layers to the look. A denim jacket, a blazer, a vest, or a long cardigan would all look wonderful here!

Six winter to spring grey jeans outfits from Virginia blogger Lauren Dix.

Top | Jeans (option under $40) | Flats


Pink and Grey Outfits

I don’t like to pick favorites, buuuut… this is my favorite. Pink and grey together are such a beautiful combo! I love that the pink adds just a bit of girliness to the outfit and also brightens it up. But the grey keeps things nice and neutral!

Winter Outfit

I had a hard time choosing an outfit for winter since I have several pink pieces that would work well! In the end, I styled this chenille pink sweater. Since I was trying to keep the focal point pink, I didn’t add any layers, but I would love my black moto jacket over this!

Instead of a sweater, you could also do a pink jacket. I have a blush pink faux leather one that I love wearing with grey jeans! In fact I paired them together in this outfit here! This pink jacket that I recently shared in my H&M try on would also work so well here!

Six winter to spring grey jeans outfits from Virginia blogger Lauren Dix.

Sweater | Jeans (option under $40) | Flats


Spring Outfit

I am so pumped Old Navy brought back this pink jacket from last year! It’s the perfect spring jacket, and of course it pairs beautifully with grey! For another bit of girliness I added my white peplum tee, but really any tee would work with this look! A pink denim jacket would be really cute with this outfit as well!Six winter to spring grey jeans outfits from Virginia blogger Lauren Dix.

Tee | Jacket | Jeans (option under $40) | Sneakers



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  1. Shannon

    That is too funny that post today was grey jeans outfit, I have on my grey jeans, Navy with white poka for dot top and burgundy cacoon sweater with grey booties.
    Great minds think alike!
    Thanks for the great ideas for later in the week.


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