Most Used Baby Items

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What do I need for my baby?! I mean, really need?! That’s the #1 question for every new parent out there, right?! It’s such a struggle to figure out what’s a true necessity and what is just an extra. And honestly, sometimes it comes down to your specific little one! But after two littles, I’ve got a good handle on what works for us! Today I’m sharing the most used baby items in our household! 


Most Used Baby Items

There are so many choices out there when it comes to baby products! As a new mom I found it so overwhelming! To make it a little easier, I broke everything down by category for y’all! You’ll find my baby sleep necessities, feeding must-haves, travel gear and more below all available at Walmart!

Second time mom, Lauren Dix, shares her most used baby items for the first year! From baby health to sleep necessities to feeding and everything in between, she covers it all in this post!

Stroller | Carrier | Boppy Pillow | Breast Pump | Wrap Carrier | Diapers | Wipes | Sound Machine | HALO Bassinet | Infant Car Seat | Play Mat | Forehead Thermometer | Zip Sleepers | Bottles | Playard | Nosefrida | Convertible Car Seat 


Sleep Necessities 

Sleep can be elusive when you have an infant, right?! But there a few things that helped make it a little easier on us! Of course, having a safe sleeping environment for our girls was paramount. Ellie slept in this bedside bassinet for several months before moving to her crib! Swaddling her in these swaddle sacks was a must for those first months too! Another thing I can’t live without? ZIPPER SLEEPERS. No one wants to be fumbling with a million snaps in the middle of the night. Trust me. ?And I can’t speak highly enough of our Hatch Baby sound machine! I love that it is bluetooth enabled, allowing me to turn it on or change settings right from my phone!


Feeding Necessities

I cover a lot more of these in depth in my breastfeeding and pumping must-haves post! So if you’re planning on pumping or nursing, I’d definitely suggest checking that post out as well! 


For newborn feeding, I am focusing more on nursing items, since that’s what I did with both girls! During the first few weeks, the Haakaa silicone pump was invaluable. It allowed me to collect additional milk and create a freezer stash without any additional work. I just placed it on the breast I wasn’t nursing on to collect milk during let down. My Boppy was another most-used item! Be sure to buy extra covers for quick changes after spit up and diaper explosions. 


Older Babies

Once my girls started eating solids, these spoons and bowls became a mainstay in our home! These pouches are also a must for throwing in the diaper bag! For sippy cups, the girls started with these and then graduated to these once they were around one year old! Also, wipeable bibs, y’all. Game-changer.



Let’s be honest, little ones don’t need much! At first, they really just want your arms! But once they get a little older, both my daughters loved activity mats. The one we had for Ellie (this black and white one) really appealed to her because of the contrast! She would also play with the removable toys as well! It’s well worth the investment! These musical books have been favs of both girls. And you can’t go wrong with an oball. Even the tiniest hands can grip them! And for slightly older ones, the Jumperoo is always hit!



One thing I am so thankful for? Forehead thermometers. ?Life-saver for squirmy babies!! The Nosefrida, while is kinda hated by my children, is something I love as a mom! It really helps remove mucus from even the tiniest noses! It’s not exactly fun to use but 100% worth it to relieve stuffy noses! For bath time, we love this convertible tub that works perfectly for newborns through one-year-olds! Pampers are our go-to diaper and the Huggies Natural Care Wipes are soft but thick and durable! 


Baby On the Go

Besides the sleep necessities, these were probably my second most used baby items! I loved my Britax B-Safe for both kids. Don’t forget to get extra car seat bases! They make changing between cars so much easier! I also use a Britax stroller. A few months back, I switched Ellie to this Maxi-Cosi convertible car seat! If you do any overnight travel, I can’t recommend this 4Moms Breeze enough! It is so easy to put together and take down. And in those first couple of months I used my wrap carrier almost daily! Even just around the house, it allowed me to keep moving and keep my babies comfortable! As they got bigger, we switched to this type of carrier!


Walmart’s best of baby month is happening now through September 30! Think of it as a whole Black Friday month for all things baby! Whether you’re shopping gear, diapers, or even clothes, there are over 700 deals happening at (and Rollbacks are happening in-store too!)! What were some of your most used baby items for the first year?

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