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Y’all, can I get real with you for a sec? After being home for over a week, this is the longest my husband and I have ever spent together at home. And to keep from going entirely stir crazy, I asked him to help me with the one thing y’all love most: style sessions! But today’s style session has a bit of a twist. I didn’t come up with a single one of these looks. Yup, my husband picks my outfits, and I’m going to share them with you! Here are four ways he styled one of my graphic tees!

My Husband Picks My Outfits 

If you want the real backstory of how this idea of Aaron styling my outfits began, it was actually months ago. Aaron and I were talking to some of our friends, and he made a comment about being able to do what I do. Apparently after watching me for years, he was convinced he would be able to style outfits just as well. Of course, I took that as a personal challenge. And thankfully, Aaron was willing to back up his words with a little action. ?

So, I asked Aaron to go into my closet and pick one item he wanted to create multiple outfits with. He struggled at first, so I helped by giving him a few options– a pair of leggings, bike shorts, and a jumpsuit. But then he saw me wearing this graphic tee and decided that was something he could work with! For the most part I left him completely alone to look through my closet. And I’ll be honest: he was much more prepared for this than I thought. Maybe he is listening to me after all?! Let’s see what y’all think! ?

Graphic Tee + Moto Jacket Outfit 

The first outfit he created is this slightly edgy graphic tee and moto jacket look. Aaron says,”I was going for a monochromatic look– a bunch of black. And I like the edgy hardware [in the moto jacket] mixing with the hardware on the booties. And I feel like those are a good combination together.”

Well, well, well. Let’s just say I am thoroughly impressed. I’ve definitely worn a variation of this exact outfit in the past! Given that it’s getting warmer out, I would trade the booties out for a heel or sneaker! But I’m definitely here for a monochromatic look with a touch of edge! To make it springy-er, you could also swap the jeans out for a skirt! A ladylike pleated option would be the perfect way to balance out the leather jacket.

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares four graphic tee outfits styled completely by her husband! Jacket (TTS) | Tee (TTS) | Jeans (size up) | Similar Boots


Graphic Tee + Jeans Outfit 

I asked Aaron to tell me about this look, and his response immediately made me laugh. “It’s a t-shirt, denim jeans, and some sneakers. BAM!” ?He was going for an easy, attainable look, and I think he achieved that, right?!

For me personally, it felt a little plain. Y’all know how I feel about a third piece, and this outfit was missing one (at least for me)! To complete the look, I would add an outfit topper like a kimono, light cardigan, or light jacket. A utility jacket with rolled sleeves would have been perfect here! Since I was in darker wash jeans a light wash denim jacket would be another cute option! 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares four graphic tee outfits styled completely by her husband!Graphic Tee (TTS) | Jeans (size down) | Sneakers (TTS) 


Graphic Tee + Leggings Outfit 

Aaron debated over this outfit for a long time. At first he had just pulled out the leggings and sneakers. But y’all, he heard me when I mentioned needing a third piece. He also remembered me talking about covering up my booty when wearing leggings. Never have I felt so heard. ?

“Originally I would have just gone with the t-shirt and leggings, but I do know how [Lauren] refers to appropriate booty coverage, so I decided to get that third piece that she mentioned, so that she could have the appropriate booty coverage. And then obviously you could always take it off and tie it around your waist if you get hot…” Yes, Aaron. YES. High fives.

The only I did to switch up this look was roll the sleeves up. Aaron claimed I could’ve done him a styling solid on that one. Probably true, but this one is a win in my book! Any type of tunic length button down would perfectly here. I love how it serves as a lighter weight alternative to a jacket!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares four graphic tee outfits styled completely by her husband!Graphic Tee (TTS) | Chambray (I sized up one for length) | Leggings (size up) | Sneakers (size down 1/2) 


Graphic Tee + Cutoff Shorts 

Last but not least, Aaron went with a warmer weather option with cutoff shorts. He said, “Everyone wears short and a t-shirt, right?! Shorts and a t-shirt. BANG.” ?

Once summer comes and it’s crazy-hot, I care less about a third piece. It just gets less practical at times. So, this is a combination I’ll definitely be rocking in summer. But for the current weather I would add a topper here too! Just like with the denim jeans outfit, a lightweight cardigan, kimono, or light jacket would be perfect here! My top choice would be a kimono or utility jacket! But an open white button down would also give this outfit more of a classic vibe!

With the shorter shorts, I like that Aaron chose a flatter sandal. I already have long legs, so wearing these shorts with espadrilles or heels make me feel like I’m showing way too much. If I was wearing longer shorts (mid-length or even knee-length), heeled sandals or espadrilles would be an option. Sneakers would also be an easy shoe substitute.

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares four graphic tee outfits styled completely by her husband!Graphic Tee (TTS) | Shorts (TTS) | Sandals (TTS) | Backpack 


Alright y’all. Aren’t you impressed? I definitely feel like Aaron has been hearing me after all these years. But I also still appreciate that a t-shirt and jeans makes an outfit. BAM! (I had to. ?) Would y’all like to see more of these? I’m thinking that I might have Layla pick outfits for me next!!

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3 thoughts on “My Husband Picks My Outfits – Graphic Tee Outfits

  1. Maryanne

    Oh my gosh this is super fun! I say Aaron hit a home run on each outfit (and his beard is EPIC!)! Great job! This is a perfect lighthearted post for the times. <3

  2. Lee

    This is such a cute idea, I am so going to have my partner do this! I love all of your looks, especially the last one with the shorts!

  3. shannon

    He did a great Job!!!! He is paying attention after all!
    Really I loved what he styled for you and that you guys had fun with the experience.

    I love when my husband helps me get dressed in the morning. Could just be a t shirt or a pair of shoes. If I really need help I ask my 12 year old daughter.


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