Ten Kids Activity Supplies on Amazon + Over 35 Kids Activities

For all of us stuck at home with kids right now, y’all, I feel your pain. I’m feeling the need to be teacher, entertainer, and super-mom extraordinaire. ?But obviously, I can’t do it all! And moms everywhere need a few minutes to get things done around the house– enter these ten kids activity supplies on Amazon along with over 35 kids activities you can do with them!

Over the weekend, I browsed Pinterest and turned to a few mom friends for fresh kids activity ideas. Of course it resulted in my ordering a ton of stuff on Amazon! But I also did a deep dive into the crafts we already own too (again, most of which were purchased on Amazon over the years!) And I plan on doing a rotation of these activities for the coming weeks to keep them fresh and fun.

Ten Kids Activity Supplies on Amazon + Over 35 Kids Activities

I have a 5 year old and an 18 month old, so my kids activities are aimed at younger children! Layla is currently in kindergarten and loves all things crafting! Art projects, creating, etc. I also tried to focus on activities that don’t require my 100% participation. I want her activity time to be a time when I can get things accomplished too!


Kinetic Sand Kids Activities

This is one of the items I’ve most recently added into our rotation, and I wish I had known about it earlier! To keep kinetic sand contained, I definitely recommend buying a plastic bin or buying the set that comes with the container

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 35 kids activities you can do at home with 10 Amazon supplies!

Activity Ideas

Imaginative Play – Just let your kids use their imagination. Throw in a few sand molds and let them play!

Toy “rescue” – Hide several plastic toys within the sand and let your child hunt for them! After they’re found, let your child continue imaginative play.

Sorting hunt – Hide numbers, letters, or colored pom poms. Let your child hunt for the items and then sort them! Numbers can be put in numerical order, letters can be alphabetized or used to create words, and pom poms can be sorted by color, size, etc.!


Dot Markers Kids Activities

Dot markers were something I bought for Layla before she went to preschool, and I had kept them tucked away ever since! But I came across them when raiding our art supplies and was so pumped to have an additional item for activities!

Activity Ideas

Free Painting – This is definitely the most straight-forward way to use dot markers. Just let your child create on paper! But, just be prepared for it not to last too long if your kids are like mine! Layla gets tired of this so quickly!

Coloring Sheets – Tear out several sheets from a coloring book, and have your child color them in with dot markers! You can also find free coloring sheet printables online! Make it fun by searching for seasonal or holiday-related printables!

Number and Letter Tracing – Grab a few pieces of construction paper, and write letters in Sharpie on them. Let your child use the dot markers to “trace” them to practice recognition! There are also plenty of free alphabet printables available online. (Check out these from The Measured Mom!)


Ice Tray Kids Activities

Who knew a good ole fashioned ice tray could be so versatile?! I ended up buying oversized 2 oz. silicone ice tray for more versatility, but for most of these activities, a regular size will work just fine!

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 35 kids activities you can do at home with 10 Amazon supplies!

Activity Ideas

Object Freeze + Rescue – I originally saw this idea on my friend The Mama Notes! She recommends freezing small figurines in the ice cube tray. I chose this bunny set because my children are bunny-obsessed. But any small toy would work! (These arctic animals are so cute!) You can also freeze pom poms! Throw a few in a plastic bin, and “paint” them with a paintbrush and salt to rescue the items! I also gave Layla a cup of warm water to help speed up the process!

Paint Ice Cubes – You don’t necessarily need a special ice tray for this activity. It would be easy to just grab some ice from your freezer if that’s what you have on hand! Fill up a plastic container with the ice and get to painting! Use tempera paints, washable paint or watercolors! Thanks for the idea, Busy Toddler

Ice Tray Sort – This one doesn’t involve the ice but the tray! With the dividers, an ice tray is the perfect accessory for sorting! Have your little ones sort beads, pom poms, small toys, etc! 


Water Beads Kids Activities

This is another thing I wish I had known about before! Y’all, I even enjoyed playing with the water beads! And the best part is that they can be dehydrated and reused over and over! They take a few hours to expand though, so be sure to get the beads started before your kids are ready to play!

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 35 kids activities you can do at home with 10 Amazon supplies!

Activity Ideas

Sensory Bin – Just throw them into a bin with a mix of spoons, scoopers, and cups, and let them play!

Frozen Water Beads – Once they have expanded in water, freeze them! I use our second ice tray for this! It’s a fun twist on your standard sensory bin! And it only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to freeze! You could also give your little ones a squirt bottle with warm water a la Busy Toddler

Water Bead Slime – I saw this idea on I Can Teach My Child. And y’all, I cannot think of something that is more up Layla’s alley! She loves slime and she loves water bead, so this combo is a win! Plus, it adds a fun texture to the slime! We can’t wait to try it!


Pom Poms Kids Activities

Who thought something as simple as a pom pom could be so versatile? Layla loves using them for her crafting projects but they’re also great for so many kids activities! We bought this set and I love the varying sizes, colors, and that there are sparkle ones included!

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 35 kids activities you can do at home with 10 Amazon supplies!

Activity Ideas

Simple sorting – I was amazed at how long this entertained Layla! I bought this assorted bag, which gave us lots of options. She started with sorting sparkles from non-sparkles. Then went to multiple colors together and sorting by size! 

Frozen pom poms – Break out that ice tray and freeze some pom poms in water! Use salt and paint brushes to break out the pom poms!

Pom Pom Drop – I’ve seen this activity idea so many different places online, and honestly it’s genius! Save a few toilet paper and paper towel rolls for tubes and use painter’s tape to attach them to the wall. Don’t have any spare rolls? Just cut a few strips of construction paper, create an archway “tunnel,” and tape the paper to the wall. Have your kids drop pom poms through the tunnel! You can also have them sort by color, size, etc.! This set-up by Toddler Approved is so fun!

Pom Pom Printables – Create rainbows, practice math, “trace” letters, sort by color, and more!  The Measured Mom has a big round up of pom pom activity printables. Our favorites are these pom pom addition sheets, these pom pom math sheets, and these fun alphabet activity sheets


Play Doh Kids Activities

Play doh is a staple for most families! But is it just my kids, or does Play doh play never last long?! Layla’s attention span is just not that long unless she has specific activities to complete!

Play Doh Kits – These Play Doh-made kits are a big helper in extending Layla’s attention span. She especially loves this burger kit and making food for the family! This pizza making kit is another fun option!

Play Doh Number, Shapes, and Letter Activity Sheets – There are some free resources, like these play doh shape sheets, but I love these number and letter shapes that are available on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can get each set for only $3 or this bundle for $15 that also includes sight words for older kids! 

Themed Play Doh Activities – Create “monsters” with googley eyes, pipe cleaners. Go for a summer-y theme with seashells, mini fish, and “treasure”. Or play princesses with mini Disney Princess figurines, gems, jewels, and beads! 

Hide and Seek – hide various small toys in the Play Doh and have your kids find them inside! I even saw a cute “Dinosaur eggs” activity with Easter eggs! 


Shoe Box Kids Activities

I picked up a set of shoe boxes at Target in-store a few weeks back, but the deals on Amazon are awesome! These are a perfect way to store your various activities and have your child cycle through them without getting bored!

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 35 kids activities you can do at home with 10 Amazon supplies!


Activity Ideas

Sensory bins – Use them as sensory bins for your various activities. They can hold rice, beans, kinetic sand, pom poms, and more. Just keep them stocked and rotate through for different activities per day! 

Sorting bins – Similarly, they are a great option for when your kids are doing sorting activities! Sort small toys, pom poms, beads, shapes, whatever you have on hand!

Water play – Fill up your bins with water and let your kids practice pouring between various spoons and cups. You can also play “wash” toys by adding a small amount of dish soap! See more water play activities below!


Painter’s Tape Kids Activities

Painter’s tape or masking tape is another one of those everyday items that can be way more versatile than you think! I stocked up on some colorful tape options because I’m that mom. But plain ole painter’s tape works just fine! 

Activity Ideas 

Tracks – Create tracks for play vehicles or even your kids! Use a single line of tape or double line and have your kids race their toys and stay between the lines! You can even create mini courses for your kids too! How fun would indoor hopscotch be? Or create various lines- zigzags and swirly lines, and have your kids try to walk them!

Paper tunnels – Grab some construction paper and cut them in various lengths and widths. Then tape down the sides while creating archways for play vehicles! This is the perfect addition to the play tracks! You can also use paper towel and toilet rolls to mix it up! Don’t have any toy cars? Grab those pom poms or small play balls and roll them through!

Painting activities – Do your kids love to paint like mine do? Grab paper or a canvas and  create a pattern, spell a word, or write out your child’s name in tape. Have them paint the uncovered spaces! Once the paint is dry, remove the painter’s tape for a fun piece of artwork!


Magnet Tiles Kids Activities

Magnet tiles are one of our most-used toys! I love that they require creativity and problem-solving. And both of my girls play with them! This set is the one we have! 

Activity Ideas

Imaginative Play – This is the way my kids play with them most often. Layla loves to build towers, castles, and homes for her small toys!

Shape Recreation – These free printable magnet tiles worksheets are a great way for little ones to practice matching shapes and learn how to make new creations! Follow the shape outlines to make boats, ducks, stars and more! There are also two levels of difficulty, perfect for multiple ages. 

Numbers and Letters – Have older kids attempt to use the shapes to create numbers, letters, or even words! If younger ones need a guide, this free printable is a great way to start practicing how to make numbers! 


Play Sink Kids Activities

A few months back, I bought the girls this play sink. And it’s another one of our favorite toys! It is under $40, but if you don’t want (or need) another toy, you could easily use a plastic bin! I’d suggest one a little larger than the shoe boxes like this.

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 35 kids activities you can do at home with 10 Amazon supplies!

Activity Ideas 

Wash dishes – This is the most popular activity in our house. The sink came with a small set of play dishes, but we’ve added ones in that we owned previously as well! Just plain water seems to keep my kids entertained but you could also add a little soap if you’re using a plastic bin.

Colored water play – add a couple drops of food coloring and completely change the game! You could even throw in themed toys like ocean animals for blue water! 

Wash toys – Give small toy figurines a “bath”! You can also wash plastic baby dolls or Barbies (if you don’t mind the mess that is wet Barbie hair ?). 

Sink or float – This is one of Layla’s favorite activities from school, and she personally requested to play it at home! Find various toys (a few floating bath toys will help!), and let them explore which ones sink and which ones float!


Sticker Activities for Kids 

Was anyone else obsessed as a kid? No? Just me? Well because of my childhood obsession, I over-bought stickers for Layla over the years. ?She likes them, but not nearly as much as I did (and maybe still do) apparently. Luckily there are tons of sticker activities to keep your kids entertained! We love these animal stickers, Disney Princess stickers, these seasonal stickers, and this set with dinos, vehicles and more!

Activity Ideas 

Sticker sort – The sorting ideas are endless with a mixed pack of stickers! Sort by size, color, type– let your kids use their imaginations!

Sticker I-Spy – I saw this idea on Busy Toddler and thought it was so creative! Give your kids a piece of paper and a collection of stickers. Let them create their own I Spy page! Once it’s complete, play a few rounds together!

Patterns – Let your little ones create patterns or designs with a set of stickers! 

Sticker Art – Write out a word, letters, numbers or draw shapes, and have your kids fill them in with stickers! You can also utilize free printables for this too! 


To keep it real real, this post ended up being way longer than I anticipated! But I truly hope that it was helpful for you and that you walked away with some great simple kids activities that you can do with your children at home all with Amazon supplies!


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