My Daughter Picks My Outfits

After having my husband Aaron be in charge of last week’s style session, I got a ton of feedback that you wanted more! And honestly, Layla was begging to help the entire time. So, it’s all about her today! My daughter picks my outfits for today’s style session


My Daughter Picks My Outfits 

One thing you should know about my five year old, Layla, is that she is a dress girl through and through. Getting her to wear jeans is almost impossible. She wore dresses every single day to school. So, naturally once we went to select outfits, she gravitated towards all of my dresses! She created four dress outfits to share with y’all today! And honestly, you have to read through for her explanations of why she picked each piece. Her commentary is 100% the best part! ?


Camo Dress Outfit 

This tank t-shirt dress is one I’ve actually worn since being home over the past couple of weeks. I mean, basically it’s a giant tee. And that’s just as good as sweatpants if you ask me! I also like that it’s longer in length. That means I can get on the floor and play outside without any worries. 

Layla says, ” This [dress] is swampy, and it’s really cool. And it looks really cool with this [jacket]. These [shoes] match with the dress.” She also described that the shoes match the dress because they’re both prints. So, if you’re struggling with print mixing, Layla is of the opinion that they all go together. ?

Honestly, I was impressed with this look. I probably wouldn’t wear the leopard flats with this dress simply because they are a little dressier of a shoe, I don’t disagree that the camo and leopard work together! If I had leopard sneakers, that would have been a fun match! Any white sneaker would work really well too. And you could always swap out for a denim jacket or open chambray top for a lighter layer. 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, has her daughter pick her outfits for a style session!Dress (TTS) | Jacket (TTS) – affordable option under $60! | Flats (size down 1/2) | Layla dress (TTS) | Layla flats (size down 1)


Tshirt Dress Outfit 

Look at Layla, putting together chic outfits, y’all! I hadn’t worn these shoes in over a year, but she pulled them out and reminded me that I need to wear them more! 

Layla says, “This [outfit] is cool one like a motorcycle girl. This is the red cool dress… I picked it because red is a cool color.” It’s also her favorite color. ?”This blue jacket. Usually motorcycle people have pockets in there.” She pointed to the pockets at the top of the jacket. “And [these] are just cool shoes.” Gotta love 5-year-old logic, y’all!

A t-shirt dress and denim jacket are one of my go-to’s! So of course this outfit was a win! I most often go with flat sandals or sneakers when I wear this dress, but I like the mules with it! I might actually have to rock this outfit outside the house this summer.

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, has her daughter pick her outfits for a style session!Dress (TTS) | Jacket (TTS) | Mules (TTS) | Layla Dress | Layla flats (size down) 


Black Bodycon Dress Outfit 

I haven’t gotten to wear this dress yet. I bought it and included it in my last Amazon try-on before we went on vacation, but I didn’t end up taking it with us. It’s a great basic black dress that can be dressed up and down. I’ll be looking forward to breaking it out once we’re able to leave the house!

Layla says, “this [outfit] is supposed to be a mermaid because this [dress] is really long.” And then she asked me to stand with my feet in first position so that I looked like a mermaid. She also picked the black flats because they reminded her of a mermaid tail. She even honed in on the soles of the shoes noting they “look like mermaid scales because some mermaids have little scales on their tales.” Cutest explanation ever. ?

If I was going to be a mermaid, this is definitely a great start ?, but most likely, I’d wear this dress with heels for a night out. For daytime, I’d wear it with a jacket, open chambray top, or kimono with flat sandals or sneakers. 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, has her daughter pick her outfits for a style session!Dress (size up) | Flats (TTS) | Bracelet | Layla Dress | Layla flats (size down) 


Maxi Dress Outfit 

After going with the mermaid look, Layla was definitely on a theme. She picked my maxi t-shirt dress for a princess look. If you’re looking for a comfortable, versatile maxi, this dress is it. If you remember back to last summer, I did a big roundup of all the best black maxi dresses on amazon, and this was my fav! I probably wore it once a week last summer and even ended up buying it in the stripe version too.

Layla says,” this is a princess outfit because this [dress] is long and these are the princess flats. And this is my toy crown that I use for my dress up. It’s an Elsa crown!” 

This is another comfy dress that definitely feels like pj’s! But as someone who enjoys getting dressed, it feels like I’m putting in more effort than just joggers and a tee! I most often wear it with flat sandals, but you could also wear it with espadrilles or sneakers! Layer with a jacket, button down (like chambray or classic white), a kimono, or even knot a tee over the top! 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, has her daughter pick her outfits for a style session!Dress (TTS) | Flats (size down) | Crown | Layla Dress | Layla flats (size down) 


This was another super fun style session! I had the best time with Layla. She had a blast too and was already asking to do another one with me. So, you might see her make another appearance soon! Which was your favorite outfit that she created?


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  1. Shannon

    Loved this Post with Layla! She sure is pay attention to what her mommy does. She picked some great outfits.
    Glad you had fun with this.


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