Six Bike Shorts Outfits

I bought my first pair of bike shorts last summer, and then my second and third. And, y’all, I’ve never looked back! They are just as comfy as my favorite leggings but much more wearable for the warmer months! And since we’ve been at home the past month, I’ve been wearing them non-stop! They’re more versatile than you’d think too! So, I’m sharing all of the ways I’ve been wearing them with my six bike shorts outfits today! 

Six Bike Shorts Outfits

I’ll be honest. Most of the time when I’ve been wearing my bike shorts, I just throw them on with a tee. It’s a comfortable, no-brainer combo. But it gets boring quick wearing the same thing, right? So, I was super-excited to get creative and change the way I personally look at bike shorts outfits! All of the looks are comfortable and perfect for casual days at home or getting out and about–you know, when we can do that again! ? 

The two pairs of bike shorts that I’m styling are both from Aerie. They are one of my favorite brands for bike shorts! (You can see all of the current Aerie bike shorts options here!) They do fit true to size, but the black pair have more of a compression fit than the printed ones! I also really love these super-soft pair from Amazon. They have zero compression and are super-soft! They also come in solid and print options! I own the camo print pair!


Workout to Hanging Out Outfit 

I’ve been wearing my bike shorts occasionally for workouts, and I love the way they look with a longline sports bra! If I was going to go outside with the kids or head out of the house, I just throw on a zip-up hoodie! I like that with a zip-up style you can show as little or as much skin as you’d like! But you could also layer with whatever style sweatshirt you have in your closet!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six bike shorts outfits for spring!Sports Bra (TTS) | Shorts (TTS) | Hoodie (Size up) | Sneakers (TTS) 


Cropped Hoodie  Bike Shorts Outfit 

Since the bike shorts I own are all high-waisted, they pair perfectly with cropped tops, like this cropped hoodie! If I wear a tee underneath, I make sure to tuck it into the waistband like I would with a pair of jeans! That way you don’t visibly see multiple layers! This is another great workout-to-casual day outfit! I kept it more athleisure-style with athletic sneakers, but you could also wear it with a pair of white sneakers (like Converse!) too!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six bike shorts outfits for spring!Hoodie (TTS) | Shorts (TTS) | Sneakers (TTS) 


Cropped Tee Bike Shorts Outfit 

If I want to step it up a notch with my bike shorts outfits, I love a good t-shirt and denim jacket combo! Like the previous hoodie, this cropped tee is a fun play on proportions with the high-waisted slim-fitting bike shorts. For the layered look, I front tucked a corner of the tee. I love that a simple tuck can visually bring the eye back up to the waistline!

For the shoe, I went with a sandal! Sneakers would of course work too, but the sandals make the outfit look less like an athleisure outfit and more of a casual everyday style! Birkenstocks or other styles of slide sandals are my favorite for pairing with bike shorts. 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six bike shorts outfits for spring!Tee (size down) | Shorts (TTS) | Jacket (TTS) | Birkenstocks (TTS) 


Long Sweater Outfit 

I just recently got this sweater in the mail and couldn’t wait to pair it with bike shorts! It’s the perfect bike shorts or leggings option because of the length and fit! It’s actually the same exact cut as my all-time favorite sweatshirt but in a light sweater form! 

Again, I went with sandals for more of a casual vs. athleisure look, but you could also wear this combo with sneakers! You could also add layers like a utility jacket or denim jacket too! 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six bike shorts outfits for spring!Sweater (size down) | Shorts (TTS) | Sandals (size up 1/2) 


Graphic Tee and Chambray Outfit 

If you want a fool-proof combo, a graphic tee and bike shorts is it! Mine is a little oversized in fit, which I like in contrast to the slim fit of the shorts! Like I mentioned, I’ve been wearing tees with my bike shorts on the reg. But the addition of the third piece, which is the chambray button down here, completes the outfit and takes it up a notch! You could also swap out for a denim jacket or utility jacket too! What I like about the chambray, however, is that it’s a super-lightweight layer for those warmer days!

I went with more of a fashion sneaker, which still reads more casual than athleisure. But you could also go with a sandal or an athletic sneaker, depending on the vibe you’re trying to achieve!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six bike shorts outfits for spring!Tee (TTS) | Chambray (size up for length) | Shorts (TTS) | Shoes (TTS) 


Sweatshirt and Bike Shorts Outfit 

Besides wearing them with tees, my second most-worn outfits with bike shorts is definitely this combo! Sweatshirt, bike shorts, sneakers–DONE! This sweatshirt is my all-time favorite and so comfy! (I recently bleach-dyed it to give it new life. Check out my DIY bleach dye tutorial here!) 

It has the same exact cut as the sweater, and it covers the booty. Since it is more on the casual side, I always reach for my sneakers! Athletic sneakers would work well too. 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six bike shorts outfits for spring!Sweatshirt (TTS) – BLEACH DYE TUTORIAL | Shorts (TTS) | Sneakers (size down 1/2) 


Which is your favorite bike shorts outfit? 

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