Gift Ideas for Dads and Father In Laws

Is it just me or are men nearly impossible to shop for? Out of everyone in my family, I always struggle the most with my dad! So along with a little advice from my husband, I sat down and wrote down all of the gifts I’ve purchased the men in my life over the past few years. And here we are– my gift ideas for dads and Father In Laws!

Gift Ideas for Dads and Father in Laws 

When it comes to gift ideas for dads, I almost always resort back to a few tried-and-trues: a classic high end sweater, fun socks (my every year stocking stuffer!), and sports team gear. But I wanted to go outside of the box! I tried to think of the things that have really been hits over the years! Plus, I added a few that I know the men in my life would love to receive! Basically, all my shopping is done now. And hopefully yours will be too! 😉

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares her dad and father in law gift guide with over ten gift ideas for dads in your life!

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  1. Nintendo Classic – Does it get any more nostalgic than a Nintendo classic?! This one is new-technology-friendly with an HDMI cord that plugs right into your TV. It comes loaded with several classic favorites too, including Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, and more! 
  2. Solo Stove Fire Pit – After enjoying one of our neighbor’s Solo Stove several times, we fell in love! I ended up buying the Yukon for Aaron for a promotion present, and we’ve been using it a TON. What’s revolutionary about this fire pit is that the smoke is nearly nonexistent! We’re full-on obsessed and have started loading up on all the accessories now. 😂(I recommend grabbing the stand and shelter!)
  3. Massage Gun – For the guy that stays active, this massage gun is the perfect gift! It comes with several attachments to properly target different muscle groups. We own a similar one and love it for helping to loosen sore, tight muscles. It works wonders!! 
  4. Portable 64 oz. Keg Growler – Have a beer lover in your fam? This vacuum-sealed stainless steel 64 oz growler has a patented system that maintains the carbonation in your beer! It can keep beer fresh for weeks, although I doubt it will last that long. 😉
  5. Apple Watch – We’re an Apple Watch family. I asked for one for Christmas a few years back and essentially haven’t taken it off since! I love the fitness tracking capabilities, that I can step away from my phone and still receive texts/calls, and I use the timer function multiple times a day, especially when cooking! My husband loves his equally, especially when running! 
  6. Ugg Slippers – The ultimate in cozy slippers! My dad has a pair of these (and so do I)! There really isn’t another pair as luxe, cozy, and comfortable in my opinion!
  7. Butcher Box – If you have a meat-lovin’ cook or grill master, the Butcher Box is such a great, unique gift option! They offer 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage-breed pork, and wild-caught seafood. There are 4 box options or you can create your own custom box! You chose the delivery frequency!
  8. Portable Bluetooth Speaker – For guys who love to travel or just enjoy time outside, a portable bluetooth speaker is such a good gift option! This one is affordably priced under $70 and has nearly 15,000 5 star reviews!! 
  9. Jack Black Shave + Skincare Kit – I bought one of these sets for my husband a few years back and he loved it! It contains a face wash, shave cream, and moisturizer! Plus it smells amazing! The reviews also mention it being great for sensitive skin. 
  10. Air Pods – Another gift I bought for my hubby that he loved! These ones are the exact pair we have. They don’t have the noise-canceling feature (you can check that version out here!), but they work great! Plus they’re more affordable at just under $130! 
  11. Garmin GPS Golf Watch – For the die-hard golfer, a GPS watch is such a great gift idea! My dad has one and wears it every weekend while on the course! It provides yardages to the front, back and middle of the green — as well as hazards and doglegs! It can also keep score, track total distance played and total play time! 
  12. Corn hole Boards – Corn hole is a cookout/BBQ staple! This one has solid wood boards, comes with the bean bags, and has a carrying case! I also love that you can fully customize them yourself with decals or paint! 
  13. Yeti Cooler – The ultimate cooler with Permafrost insulation! It holds 18 cans and has a heavy duty latch system to prevent spills! Available in six colors.
  14. Leather Wallet with Security Feature – This is recommendation straight from my husband! I love that this wallet is leather and a slim single billfold. But it also contains ID Lock technology to help protect personal data encoded on your cards from electronic theft! Sleek and smart! What else could ya want? 🙌🏼


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