Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, tries on and compares three styles of GG sneakers in her Golden Goose Sneakers review! Golden Goose Superstars, non distressed superstars, and Purestars reviewed!

Golden Goose Sneakers Review

These days it’s impossible to log on to Instagram, to Pinterest, or even turn on your fav TV show without seeing someone rocking a pair of Golden Goose Sneakers. They are one of the hottest shoes out there! They first caught my eye last summer, but honestly the price tag kept me from trying them. However earlier this year, I went on the hunt for the perfect pair of white sneakers. And of course while researching several different brands, the GG Superstars kept popping up! I’m the kind of person who truly needs to know all of her options before making a decision, so I did it. I ordered ’em. And not just one pair either! I ordered three different styles for a big Golden Goose Sneakers review!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six overalls outfit for winter!

Six Overalls Outfits for Winter

Have you gotten on the overalls outfit train? I’ve been wearing them for years, but I consistently hear that y’all struggle with ways to wear them! So for today’s style session I’m breaking down a few of my favorite combinations with these six overalls outfits for winter! And if you’re looking for spring options, I also have four overalls outfits…

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares 15 items from the Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2020 line!

Lilly Pulitzer Spring Try On

With spring right around the corner and an upcoming vacation, I was so excited to be invited to preview the Lilly Pulitzer Spring collection! And now I finally get to share it with you! It’s officially live online! YAY! From their classic beautiful dresses to fun tops and even a swimsuit I can’t stop thinking about, y’all are going to fall in love! Let’s get this Lilly Pulitzer Spring try on started!