Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares a summer Madewell try on with over ten new Madewell arrivals!

Madewell Summer Finds

With the 25% off sale happening at Madewell, I placed a big order of Madewell summer finds to share! I found some great dresses, summer tops, and more. And if you’re shopping for a summer wardrobe, it’s the perfect time to stock up at 25% off! Let’s get into trying on clothes!

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares new women's Walmart clothes in her spring to summer Walmart try on.

New Walmart Women’s Clothing Finds

It’s been a while since we’ve checked out some new Walmart women’s clothing finds together. We were way overdue for a Walmart try on! So, I placed an order from our favorite Walmart brands! Hello, Free Assembly, Time and Tru, and Scoop finds! I can’t wait to share these adorable spring to summer finds with y’all! New Walmart Women’s Clothing…

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares white linen shirt outfits. Ways to wear a linen shirt.

White Linen Shirt Outfits

Have you heard of the coastal grandmother style trend that’s currently taking over social media? It’s all about dressing in chic beach-friendly attire. (Think: Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give!) And if you ask me, there is nothing more beach chic than a white linen shirt. It’s a warm weather classic, regardless of if you’re embracing the current trend or not. And it’s one piece you’ll wear for years! Wondering how to wear it? These white linen shirt outfits are currently in my spring to summer wardrobe rotation!