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Early Fall Universal Thread Dressing Room Try-on

This end-of-pregnancy burst of energy is serving me well, y’all! Not only have I reorganized pretty much every closet and cabinet in our house, but I also spent over an hour in Target last week trying on all the clothes and booties for you! Gotta enjoy the extra energy while I can right? Because that newborn phase is coming in…

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Sunflower Maternity Photos

I didn’t schedule a professional maternity session when I was pregnant with Layla or with this pregnancy. But after taking some sunflower photos last summer, I signed my hubby up for a quick sunflower maternity photo session at a local sunflower field. And y’all, I am so pumped with the way they turned out! It’s amazing what a little pinterest-ing can help you accomplish! 😉

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Last-Chance Nordstrom Items Still In Stock!

As I’m sure many of y’all know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to a close this Sunday night. And if you’ve been thinking that there is nothing left, you couldn’t be more wrong! Quite a few of the items I tried (and even bought!) are still available fully stocked or close to it! So, be sure to check out…