Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares six wide leg cropped jeans outfits for fall. From work to weekend, see all the outfits here!

Six Wide Leg Cropped Pants Outfits

I recently purchased a pair of wide leg cropped jeans after searching for the perfect pair for what feels like months! And honestly was surprised at how often I wore them immediately! But I kept wearing the same outfit combination over and over. So, I was so excited when one of my readers asked me to style them for a style session! I came up with six wide leg cropped pants outfits for y’all that will take you from work to the weekend!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares a Madewell try on session from October 2019. See all her favorite Madewell picks all currently on sale!

October Madewell Try On

I just shared a Madewell try on in September, but y’all know my love runs deep. Plus, I was recently doing an inventory of my closet and realized that my fall tops were pretty much nonexistent. So, I took advantage of their current sale and ordered a few new items to share with y’all for a little October Madewell try on! And you can actually thank my mom for a few new jeans finds too! πŸ˜‚She placed an order for four different styles and let me “borrow” them to share with y’all! Team work, y’all. Team work.

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares a Fall Amazon try on haul, featuring some of her favorite Amazon women's clothes for fall.

Fall Amazon Try On Haul

Now that it’s finally fall (in season, not in our weather πŸ™„), I’ve got some fresh fall fashion finds for y’all from Amazon! I must be on a dress kick because I ordered several to share along with a couple of jackets, and an amazing new leggings find! I kept almost every single item from my fall Amazon try on haul, so that should be a good indicator for y’all. This one is a good one!