Affordable style blogger, Lauren Dix, shares affordable spring dresses from Walmart!

Affordable Spring Dresses

Now that spring is finally here, my special event calendar is quickly starting to fill up! Between bridal showers, graduations, and weddings, I always like to have a few versatile dresses in my wardrobe to get me through spring and summer! But of course, affordability is important too! So, today I’m partnering with Walmart  to bring you some of my…

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares four overalls outfits for spring-- and not one of them includes a basic t-shirt!

Four Overalls Outfits for Spring

Ever since starting my style sessions a few months back, one of your top requests has been overalls outfits. And for quite a while, I avoided it! I didn’t have a pair of overalls I loved, and so I just didn’t really wear them! But then during an awesome Shopbop sale, I ordered the famous Madewell overalls. And suddenly, I…

Affordable style blogger Lauren Dix tries on 10 black maxi dresses to find the very best amazon maxi dress under $35!

Best Amazon Maxi Dress

Can we all agree that we’re Amazon-obsessed? I don’t know what I did before Prime 2-day shipping. (And yes, I realize that’s overly dramatic. Like, I clearly would just drive to the store… or several stores until I found what I needed.) But Amazon has certainly made life so much easier. And now that I’ve discovered the wonder of Amazon fashion, it’s even better! But sometimes, the options on Amazon can be overwhelming, right?! So, I decided to do something a little different and search for the very best Amazon maxi dress.