Top Five Fashion Pet Peeves

This is a post I have probably written in my head over a hundred times since I was in high school. I was feeling a bit rant-y today, so please indulge me while I vent my fashion pet peeves.

Disclaimer: I’m no serious fashionista nor do I consider myself an expert, all-knowing member of the Glamour “Don’t” squad. These are just the things that drive me batty.

#5 Wearing too many trends at once:ย Print mixing is in and I love it. Leather, peplum, lace, and printed pants are also trends I adore. So the issue isn’t the trends per se, although I’m not always on board with every trend out there, but more with the execution. Wearing a few in one outfit typically looks great, but all of them at one time?? I get it. You want to look fashionable or maybe even eclectic, but trust me, piling on all of those trends at once just makes you look a little too much like Ugly Betty.

Screenshot from ABC’s Ugly Betty via IMDb

#4 PJ’s as real clothes:ย Maybe I’m slightly biased, but I really can’t think of any instance where flannel plaid pajama pants should be worn outside the home. When sick, a pair of yoga pants are just as comfortable to get you to the doctor’s office. Otherwise, please take the extra, I don’t know, thirty seconds to put on a pair of jeans. Wear that t-shirt/sweatshirt if comfort is your main goal, but for Heaven’s sake Put.On.Pants.

Who doesn’t love polar bears? But let’s wear them at home.
Image via Old Navy, edited by me

#3 Mom Jeans. This one requires no explanation and honestly just makes me sad. No one deserves to be walking around with giant, flat pancake-booty! Because of this, I am one of the biggest proponents of designer jeans. Per wear they are well worth the price tag. I get that not everyone has $100-$200 to shell out on jeans, and that is totally understandable, but there are so many affordable options out there these days! Some people swear by Old Navy denim, and at $30/pair, you’ll hardly break the bank.

screenshot from NBC’s Saturday Night Live skit “Mom Jeans” via Buzz Sugar

#2 Ill-fitting clothing: I won’t act like I’ve never been guilty of this one because I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. I’ve certainly held onto an item that didn’t fit longer than I should have or picked up what I thought was a steal at 80% off only to later realize mid-wear that it fit horribly, but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t hate it. Muffin tops, flabby back, and over-exposed booties can be avoided by purchasing the right size clothing. (Or having a little tailoring done.) Let’s all quit buying those too tight items in size whateverย just because that’s what size we typically wear. No one is going to see the tag besides us. And while we’re at it, let’s slowly step away from that designer top. It is on clearance for $15 for a reason!

See, muffin top can happen to the best of us. Image via Tyra Bank’s Instagram

#1 Leggings as pants: For me, this is the worst offense, mainly because I see it more often. I really don’t know what to say besides, “leggings are not pants.” They are a layering piece like a scarf. You wouldn’t go outside shirtless with a scarf would you? Of course not! So please don’t go outside without your rear covered. And for those double-offenders (#1 and #2) out there: we can all see your neon green polka-dotted undies. They’re adorable. Now go cover your butt!

Image via Simply Bekah

Phew, I feel better now. What are your fashion pet peeves?


16 thoughts on “Top Five Fashion Pet Peeves

  1. Rachel

    This is such a fun idea for a post! I’ve actually thought of doing one of these (along with beauty pet peeves) for a while now. I wear leggings as pants sometimes BUT only with a long tunic shirt that covers my butt! I also agree on the over-doing of the trends. People go so crazy with that (especially in their “arm parties, too!)

    Life Unsweetened

    1. Lauren

      Haha. I know what you mean about the “arm parties!” And leggings with tunics= awesome and comfortable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Liz @ Virginia Bloggers

    Hahaha I do NOT get why people wear leggings as pants. And too many trends at once is a disaster.

    I hate uggs. I mostly hate them because I WANT to wear them (I’m sure they’re super comfy!!) but I never ever would haha.

  3. Stephanie @twenty-something

    Omg, this is hilarious Lauren! You hit the nail on the head here. Leggings as pants is probably my biggest fashion pet peeve. The only time I’ll wear leggings as pants is if I have a long shirt or sweater that covers my butt completely. I’m also not fond of the whole sheer shirt/black bra thing, I don’t think it looks good on anyone. I loved all the photos you picked to illustrate each one….so funny!


  4. Margaret

    Ohhhh the leggings as pants…it kills me. When I was in college- leggings with Uggs and a north face were seriously a trend.

    And the pajama pants…ugh. I feel like anytime I go to Wal Mart (from a small rural town…), it’s all everyone is wearing!

    Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Lauren

      I must be a little older than you because leggings as pants is a relatively new phenomenon to me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I was in college it was all about the yoga pants!

  5. Pearls & Lace

    Hahaha Lauren this post just made my day! I couldn’t agree more with regards to all five of these fashion pet peeves! There really is a fine line between being trendy with mixing patterns and simply looking like you got dressed in the dark! PJs as pants, I honestly thought that went out in high school but sadly some people still need to be reminded. When it comes to jeans, I definitely spend an arm and a leg! I have a really tough time finding jeans that fit well and are long enough for my tall frame; I would simply die without my collection of Rock & Republic jeans! I say a pair of good fitting jeans are worth their weight in gold! And leggings as pants, yikes! Especially when they’re too tight or are hiked way too high!

    xo jen

    1. Lauren

      Jeans are also my guilty pleasure. I’ve amassed quite the collection over the years, but there really is nothing better in my opinion! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Stephanie

    Good for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m always scared to hurt people’s feelings or to get negative feedback if I criticize (or just tell it like it is) about certain things.

    The leggins… THANK YOU for taking the words out of my mouth.

    1. Lauren

      I was actually thinking I would get a little negative feedback, and I still might, but that’s okay! It was a fun post to write and everyone is entitled to their own opinions! ๐Ÿ™‚


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