Menswear for Women

Honestly I wish I could say that on a whim I decided to visit the men’s section and happened across this shirt or even that in movie-like fashion I threw on my husband’s shirt and it magically fit like a dream. But neither of those are true. This purchase was a complete accident.

While at the J.Crew Warehouse sale, I saw a peak of blue gingham sticking out of a box and went for it. Although labeled a small, it appeared like it might fit. Mislabeling is not super-uncommon at a sample sale.

J.Crew men's plaid styled for women

I threw it on over my shirt, and lo and behold we were a match made in heaven.

J.Crew slim mens shirt worn by woman

Shirt: J.Crew (Men’s) Slim Secret Wash, Jeans: Paige, Shoes: Madewell Frankie (on the cheap!), Belt: Forever 21 (similar), Necklace: Shops at 5807 (love this!), Bracelet: Ebay

menswear for women preppy style

It wasn’t until later when my husband pointed out that men’s and women’s shirts buttoned on opposite sides that I finally figured out the truth, but I’m not complaining about my menswear turned women’s wear purchase.

I might even peruse the men’s section the next time I go shopping. Probably not, but hey, you never know.

Have you ever purchased men’s clothing for your own closet?


38 thoughts on “Menswear for Women

  1. Rachel

    If I looked that good in men’s clothing, I’d probably buy it, too! I’ve been known to wear some of my brother’s old hoodies but that’s about as far as I’ve ever gone 🙂

  2. albucco10

    I don’t know how this is possible, but I never realized that men’s and women’s shirts buttoned on different sides! Seriously, mind blow. You look so cute in this, it doesn’t even matter that it’s a men’s shirt–plus, I do the same thing all the time!

    The Glossy Life

  3. McKenna Ryan

    I love wearing my husbands clothes around the house. Until one day I shrank one of his shirts and he refused to wear it. It was an adorable white henley and I love it. I wear it all the time with boots and jeans. I am glad you had such great luck at the sample sale! xx. Mckenna Lou

  4. Molly

    It looks great! I think it’s so weird that men’s shirts button on the opposite side. There must be a reason, but I can’t for the life of me think what that reason would be.

  5. Fierce & Fashionable

    Ohh my gosh, I never realized they buttoned differently! He is a genius.

    Love that shirt & your jewelry is pretty too!

    I have a few “menswear” shirts that I’ve been rocking lately!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  6. Franziska

    I had no idea they buttoned on the opposite side! I think it fits you perfectly – it’s loose enough to be casual, but fitted enough to look nice. I love the way the rest of the outfit is sleek and works so well together 🙂

  7. Stephanie @twenty-something

    Haha, that is too funny! I never realized men’s shirts button on a different side either. That shirt looks amazing on you, no matter if it is a men’s shirt, and I love it paired with the yellow pumps! Your sock bun is fab too 🙂 The only piece of menswear I’ve worn lately is a hoodie stolen from my boyfriend, but I might have to borrow more of his clothes after seeing this post 🙂


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