Must See Sites Near Riveria Maya Mexico

Relaxation is always on the top of my list during vacation, but as an avid traveler, sightseeing is equally as important. If you find yourself headed to Riviera Maya, Tulum, Playa del Carmen or even Cancun in the near future, here are the must-see sites that you shouldn’t miss!must see sites near riviera maya, cancun or tulum |

1. Chichen ItzaMust see sites near Riviera Maya Mexico - Visiting Chichen Itza temples. Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! | www.bylaurenm.comIt may be about a two hour drive from Riviera Maya, but trust me when I say it is well worth it. Chichen Itza was one of the largest Mayan cities.what visit in Mexico - Chichen Itza temples. Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! | www.bylaurenm.comThe archaeological site is so large it would take days if not weeks to explore it in it’s entirety. Also it was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World!Sites to see near Cancun - Visiting Chichen Itza temples. Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! |
2. A Cenote.

A cenote is basically a giant sinkhole caused by the crumbling of limestone.cenote near chichen itza - must-see sites near Riviera Maya, Cancun and Tulum. Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! | www.bylaurenm.comThe Ik Kil Cenote, or Ikil Cenote, is almost like an underground cave housing a deep well. The water is incredibly cool and refreshing. Swimming there might have been one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.Ik Kil Cenote - must-see sites to visit in Mexico. Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! |

3. Akumal Bay.

turtle spotting at akumal bay - Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! |

Image via The Barefoot Nomad (Their post has tips!)

This was something we planned to do but missed due to that other thing we did on vacation – relaxation. Both locals and travelers alike rave about the reefs and the turtle-spotting! Next time we’re in the area, Akumal will be my priority!

4. A Tequila Tasting! (Yes, this isn’t a site, but it’s still a must-do.)

artisinal tequila mexico - tequila tasting near Cancun, Mexico. Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! | www.bylaurenm.comI’ll be honest, my tequila knowledge was incredibly limited. Outside of the occasional margarita or tequila shot, I knew nothing. tequila tasting near cancun is a must-do while on vacation in Mexico! - Click through to see about the other sites you won't want to miss! | www.bylaurenm.comLearning more about the tequila-making process was interesting, and tasting the different types made me feel like a downright connoisseur. With our newly found knowledge, I was able to pick out a tequila that I can actually enjoy. If you’re not a Jose Cuervo kind of person, still give it a try. Mexican tequila is quite different from the cheap stuff we’re used to shooting with salt and a lime!

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29 thoughts on “Must See Sites Near Riveria Maya Mexico

  1. Taryn

    The cenote looks so awesome! I typically do the sightseeing thing with no relaxation, but that’s because my trips are usually short. I also live at the beach, so it’s easier for me to do the relaxation thing at home.

  2. Alyssa

    I was near the Riveria Maya for a service trip a few years ago! Obviously we didn’t do much sight seeing, but there was a day when we traveled to the pyramids/beach. Of course by that point, I had Montazuma’s revenge (misery) and hardly enjoyed it, but I’d love to go back!

  3. elle [wonderfelle world]

    The cenote looks amazing! I definitely missed that when we were there and will have to do it next time! I would say I prefer 75% relaxation with 25% sightseeing on vacation… definitely a mix of both!

  4. AJ

    Tequila tasting in Mexico sounds so cool, well more the education part than the tasting (i’m not much on tequila). And that cenote looks BEAUTIFUL!


  5. Allie

    That cave looks gorgeous! I like to mix it up; relaxation is the number one priority, but if we don’t have ANY plans then I get antsy to go do something. So we usually plan an activity or two per day while on vacay, just in case.

  6. Dina Karivalis (@DKarivalis)

    These pics are gorgeous! I’ve never been but am dying to go. You’re making me want a vacation!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  7. Jenn

    This is such an awesome post! I’m definitely the person who likes to relax on a vacation- but I also try to plan them around new places and things to see! This sounds like an A+ trip to me!

  8. Molly Ever After

    Love this post! I would love to go to Mexico on vacation, but I couldn’t sit around the resort for too long. Chichen Itza is high on my list of places to visit, but I didn’t know about the other things. I’ll definitely send it to Adam to try to get him on board. 😉

  9. Agi

    When we were in Mexico last Spring we saw the Chichen Itza and swam in cenote’s. We will definitely have to go to the turtle sanctuary next time. THey have amazing Tequila in Mexico.

    Don’t forget to link up today for my Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up.


  10. Ashley

    Oh I am so happy I happened upon your blog. 🙂 We are headed to Cancun this December and Chichen Itza is definitely on my list. Where did you go for tequila tasting? 🙂

    1. Lauren Post author

      I’m sure you’ll love Cancun! We stopped in Valladolid for the tasting, which is a colonial city only two minutes from the cenote we visited!

  11. Lacey

    Well I’ve never been, but now I must add it to my list. Except for the tequila part. We had a bad meeting once and I’ve avoided it ever since.

  12. Kat

    What a gorgeous place – the water is so clear and blue! Thanks for sharing these photos, adding this to my wishlist! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  13. Lauren

    WOW, I totally wish that I was there right now! Looks like you saw some really beautiful things. PS Did you change up the design of your blog? I LOVE it! xo

  14. Ashley

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    Thanks so much.

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