Sponsor Feature: Scuttle!

Happy Thursday, y’all! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Holly, the blogger behind Scuttle!


Holly is a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant from Nashville, TN. I love how she describes her work as, “capturing a person’s personality and creating personal style for them that embodies who they are…” Such a great philosophy, right? Scuttle FeatureHolly has some envy-worthy style with a love for bows and feminine embellishments–definitely my kind of girl! She also hosts a weekly linkup called Thursday Takeover!

To share a little more about herself, Holly and I did a little fun Q&A!

What inspires your style? Anything that feels like a party! Tulle, glitter, bows, things that twirl… all of those things inspire my style. Plus I look to the fashion greats like Audrey, Jackie & Grace for their powerful yet feminine style inspiration. Sure I have days where I bum around in a tshirt & flip-flops but for the most part you won’t find me without my lipstick or a hint of sparkle.

What are your favorite stores to shop/ What are your favorite brands? I am a die-hard Kate Spade fan, the company really encompasses everything that is me… feminine & whimsical all wrapped up with a bow! J.Crew, ASOS & Anthropologie are my go-to stores and when I am in the mood to dig for a bargain you will find me at Nordstrom Rack!

How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my style as feminine and whimsical with a dash of rock n’ roll thrown in.

What inspired you to start a blog? I always wanted a career in fashion but I found myself getting my degree in psychology & needed a creative outlet. Fashion was always my “art”, putting together colors, shapes & sizes on the human body is what I love & what I am good at, so I started the blog to share my art.

Don’t you just love Holly’s take on fashion?! Be sure to check out her blog or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook!


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