Spring Break in NorCal

Neither Layla or I are technically in school, but we can still have a Spring break, right?! Well, we did. Technically we were celebrating my little sister’s Spring break when we made the trek to Northern California. It wasn’t quite as warm as we had originally thought it would be, but we still did manage to sneak in two pool trips and enjoy some time outdoors!

me, layla pool

Layla was a pretty big fan of the kiddie pool. She spent time splashing, chewing on her rubber ducky, and even sticking her face in the water. We weren’t sure if she was seeing her reflection, but she repeated it several times and seemed unfazed by the water on her face!

morgan, mom, laylalayla poolpalm treesLayla and MomLayla pool_1dad and laylaShe also got to swing for the first time and go down the slide on my lap. She definitely liked the swings, but I think the she might not be too excited about the slide yet. (It may or may not have something to do with her Auntie Princess going down pretty fast… 😉 )

Layla + me on slide

Layla swings

Overall it was a really great visit. Getting to spend time with my family is always such a joy, and I love getting to share Layla with them!

And on a side note: Adult Spring break should definitely be a thing.


13 thoughts on “Spring Break in NorCal

  1. Kim

    Your little precious baby girl is absolutely adorable. I also loved both you sunglasses and bathing suit…..any chance you will provide a link for them?

  2. Niki

    Ahhh I’m so jealous, and yes, adult spring break should totally be a thing! I am obsessed with your bathing suit!!! And Layla’s too! Haha she’s such a cutie. That swing pic is so adorable.


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