Layla’s 11 Month Update

Every month seems to be passing by more quickly than the last, and now we’re less than a month away from Layla’s one year birthday. I have so many mixed emotions!

Layla 11 months

Weight: 20 lbs

Eating: No surprises here. Layla still loves her food. She just recently tried peanut butter for the first time and loves tiny bites of peanut butter sandwiches! Other favorites include blueberries, plain yogurt, whole grain goldfish crackers, bananas, and peas. She’s still eating three meals a day, two snacks, and breastfeeding four times a day.

Layla - 11 months old


Sleep: Layla seems to be sleeping a smidge less at night, but still at least 11 hours. She’s also taking two naps (8:30ish, 12:30ish), but those have been a bit broken lately due to teething.

Clothes: She’s still wearing mostly 6 month onesies, but her outfits and sleepers are 9 months. It seems like her onesies are actually starting to get a bit small, so I just washed all of her 12 month clothes this week. Hopefully she’ll actually get some wear out of them soon.

Layla 11 months old

Mood: All around just a sweet, happy girl. She only fusses when hungry, tired, or in an unfamiliar place. She loves entertaining Aaron and I with her silly faces, dancing, and waving, but takes a few minutes to warm up with new surroundings or new people. She’s been a little extra sensitive the past couple of days because of teething, but I’m hopefully that it’ll break through soon and we’ll get some relief!

Layla 11 months old


Layla’s favorites:

  • lovey bunny
  • books (especially Llama Llama Red Pajama)
  • touching everything! (and saying “toush, toush”)
  • trees (and asking to touch the leaves)
  • binky
  • talking
  • going upside down
  • dogs
  • being in the water (pool or tubby!)
  • crawling
  • pulling up on everything
  • sorting / filling and emptying containers
  • drinking water (especially out of my straw or cup)
  • other babies (or photos/videos of babies, including herself! 😉 )

Layla - 11 months old



  • being hungry or tired
  • super loud noises or voices (or even sometimes loud laughter!)
  • being left alone

Nicknames: Punkin, Puntin, Layla Belle, L Belle, Dulcita, Princesa, Boog-Boog, Booga, Spider Monkey

Layla - 11 months old

Layla just recently started pulling herself up on everything – chairs, tables, stairs, cabinets. Our coffee table has to be cleared at all times! I just had to order some baby gates too for the stairs and hallway. Little one is just way too fast these days. She loves crawling around the house, especially with toys under her hands. She has become fascinated with the dog bowls too, and I’m constantly chasing her away from their water dish!

I love hearing her pick up new words. Lately she’s all about “ow-side” (outside). Trees, plants and flowers are the jam. She loves asking to “toush” (touch) them. Of course she’s still obsessed with dogs (“daw-ds”), and points them out the moment she sees one.

She’s really picked up her water drinking in the past month, and seems less interested in breastfeeding. What used to be 10-12 minute on-average feeds have dropped down to 6-8 minutes. Although it totally makes sense with her increase eating, drinking, and mobility, I’m definitely having mixed emotions about it. We’ll both have a bit more freedom when she’s weaned, but I can’t help feeling a bit sad that it’s most likely coming to an end soon.


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