A Big Announcement

I’ve been really holding out on y’all, but today is the day. We’re finally ready to share the news…

spring family photos - second baby pregnancy announcement | bylaurenm.com

Our little family is growing! Baby #2 is due early November!

big sister pregnancy announcement | bylaurenm.com

Aaron and I could not be more excited. Both of us prayed long and hard for this child, and we feel so blessed to be expanding our family again.

I waited a bit longer this time to share the news because while my last pregnancy was easy and uneventful, this one has been a bit of a challenge. I won’t bog you down with all of the details in this post – I’d like to focus on all the happiness and excitement of this new pregnancy. But I will be sharing more in the coming weeks.

How far along are you? 16 weeks

What is your due date? November 6

Do you know the gender? Yes! And we will be sharing that verrrry soon. 😉

Do you have a name picked out? No. We have a running short list and the middle name is pretty set, but we still haven’t decided on a first name. Most likely, we won’t be making the final decision until the baby arrives. I had three top contenders when Layla was born and just had a “feeling” that Layla was the name. So I’m hopeful I’ll have the same clarity!

How are you feeling? My first trimester was rough this time around. With Layla, I had few symptoms besides being tired, but this go around has been more difficult. All day nausea and serious exhaustion were the norm this time. Even when napping daily during Layla’s nap time, I was still ready for bed at 8 pm! Now that I’m in my second trimester, I am feeling much better. I still find I’m pretty tired throughout the day, and I am definitely struggling with motivation some days! If you haven’t noticed, my weekly blog post frequency has gone down. Some weeks it feels like a struggle just to get two up!

Have you told Layla? Yes. She’s knows there is a baby in mommy’s belly, but that’s about as much as she understands at this point.

Cravings? Nothing consistent outside of more carbs and salty foods. I used to avoid fast food like the plague, but lately I’m guilty of eating way more fries than I’d like to admit!

spring family photos - second baby announcement | bylaurenm.com

pregnancy announcement | bylaurenm.com

second baby pregnancy announcement - big sister announcement | bylaurenm.com

baby #2 pregnancy announcement | bylaurenm.com

Now this is the face of someone who know’s what’s coming… Sharing mommy and daddy? I don’t think so.

big sister pregnancy announcement | bylaurenm.com

As with my last pregnancy, I’ll be sharing some bumpdates and pregnancy-related content along the way. If there is anything specific pregnancy or maternity-wise you’d like to see over the coming months, please let me know!

Lauren: Dress c/o Pinkblush (similar) | Sandals | Bracelet c/o Kendra Scott | Earrings c/o Kendra Scott

Layla: Dress | SandalsBow

Photos by Stephanie Dennehy Photography.


40 thoughts on “A Big Announcement

  1. Liz Gow

    Congratulations, Lauren! I have been following along on your blog since I started blogging in the beginning of this year. I love your content- you do such a great job! I’m so happy to hear that you’re expanding your family. Such a blessing! xoxo

  2. Samantha

    Congratulations!!! I am first time commenter but have been reading for ages. My husband and I are expecting our first this October so I will be happy to see more pregnancy/mommy posts!!! Specifically about common infant items you used and what you wish you’d done/not done with Layla!
    So excited for your growing family! 🙂

  3. Mica

    Oh how exciting! Congratulations! I am so looking forward to your pregnancy style. While my pregnancy days are behind me it’s always nice to see how people dress their growing bumps! I actually just released a book about pregnancy style too, haha!

    It will be so fun reading more about your pregnancy – hope Layla gets the baby boy or sister she wants! I’m sorry you’ve had such a tough pregnancy though, morning sickness with a toddler is not easy! Hit me in the evenings last time around too which was difficult to try cook or eat dinner! It’s good you’re feeling better.

    COngratulations again, this is such exciting news! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Stacey

    I just knew it! I had an inkling a month or so ago, not sure why. Funny, coming from a complete stranger who has followed you for a couple years!
    Congratulations! So exciting!

  5. Ada

    Congratulations on your big baby news Lauren. So happy for you three. Layla seems very excited. Looking forward to hearing the gender too, once you announce it. =)

  6. Andrea Nine

    I missed this post last week but saw on twitter today!! BIG Congrats to you and your beautiful family! Over the moon for you!

  7. Sheela Goh

    What beautiful news, Lauren, congratulations to you and yours. A blessed time all around 🙂 amidst all that, I hope you’ll be able to indulge in the occasional ME moment, to rest and recharge. Lord knows you’ll need it even more once there are two little elves around you, wanting Mummy all the time 🙂 xoxo

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