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Last week I received my latest Trunk Club. (You can read my last one here!) It’s been about two months since my last trunk. I ended up changing the frequency from monthly to bi-monthly since I do quite a bit of shopping on my own! A girl only needs so many clothes, right?! ?) However this month is a bit different since I’m now truly showing. That bump is making itself known, y’all. I asked for a mix of items, so it’s my first Trunk Club maternity box, but I also received many non-maternity items too!

trunk club maternity + non-maternity review - see all the pieces I received for my March 2018 trunk maternity review |

Wondering how Trunk Club works? Head on over to my first Trunk Club review post, where I detail the entire process! You can also request my exact stylist here!


Maternity jeggings

One of my favorite pairs of maternity leggings are by Spanx (check them out here!), so it’s no surprise that I liked these jeggings! They pull on just like leggings and are so comfortable! Since my pregnancy is ending in August and I have several pairs of jeans, I decided not to keep these. But if this was my first pregnancy, these would be a YES!

trunk club maternity - maternity try-on session from my latest trunk club! |

Maternity Jeggings


Black under-the-belly maternity jeans

A pair of black jeans are a MUST maternity or not, but in complete honesty, I did not like these. The placement of the waistband is so low. Once my belly gets really large, I have no idea how they would even stay up properly! I’d say to skip these, ladies!

maternity trunk club review - maternity reviews from my latest trunk club shipment! |

Maternity jeans | Tee


Stripe Tee

Um, y’all know how much I love a stripe tee, right?! I hadn’t tried this brand before, but I found it very comfortable. I was sent this tee in a size large, but it was still very oversized. For maternity purposes, I’d recommend staying true to size. Otherwise, size down for this tee! Another word of advice: this tee has a bit of a clingy fit rather than one that floats away from the body (like these that are my all-time fav).

trunk club reviews - trunk club maternity + non-maternity try-on session |



Waterfall Jacket

I love the idea of this jacket. It’s made of a scuba material and is so chic. I received the jacket is a size 10, which felt waaaay too big. There was so much material in the back. I’d recommend sizing down.

spring trunk club try-on - trunk club maternity and non-maternity |

Jacket | Tee | Maternity jeans



I love a good flowy tunic top. This one has such a fun 70’s vibe with the v-neck and collar. I typically size down to a small in this brand, and that’s the size I received. For pregnancy, however, I think I’d really need a size medium. It’s shorter in the front, which doesn’t exactly work with a growing bump. Buuut, I think it’s so adorable as a non-maternity piece! I can just imagine it with white jeans and nude wedges or slides!

maternity trunk club try-on - trunk club maternity review + try-on session |

Tunic | Maternity jeans


Shirred Tank

Hmm. I wish I had at least one nice thing to say about this top, but I don’t. All around I just found it so unflattering! I don’t love myself in high crew necks because it shortens the neckline. And then the wide straps just made me feel pretty wide shoulder-wise. This was definitely the one stinker piece of the bunch! 😉

trunk club maternity reviews - maternity try-on session |

Tank | Maternity jeans


Embroidered Dress

OMGeeee. If the last was the worst, this piece might be the best. I just love everything about it. The embroidery is so gorgeous in person. (Scroll down to the next photo for more detail!) And I love the sweet little flutter sleeve. The length was good too. Now, the bad part– because of the bump and the fact that this is a mini dress, I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear it for long. If you’re newly pregnant or not expecting, pleeeease buy this dress so I can live vicariously through you!!

trunk club maternity try-on session - maternity clothing reviews |

Dress | Espadrilles

trunk club spring reviews - trunk club maternity + non-maternity reviews |


Striped Maternity/Nursing Sleep Chemise

The minute I put this chemise on, I loved it. It is so soft and comfy! It also doubles as a nursing chemise with flaps that pull down for easy breastfeeding. A word of warning: the price tag is a little steep. In complete honesty, I sent this one back and found another pattern of this exact chemise on sale for half price! I’d recommend it for sure but suggest looking for ones on sale!

trunk club maternity reviews - trunk club spring reviews maternity + non-maternity try-on session |

Maternity/nursing sleep chemise


Wrap Dress

This dress is so, so darling, but I almost laughed when I pulled it out. Clearly, this dress could never, ever work for maternity wear. I have very long legs and dresses/shorts tend to look short on me as it is. But with a bump, this thing was so mini it was ridiculous. If you’re not pregnant, I say go for it! Otherwise, staaaay awaaaay! It is a true wrap dress with snaps to keep everything in place.

trunk club reviews spring - march trunk club try-on session |


Wrap Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are always a fav of mine for spring and summer! They also work so well for maternity outfits! This one has a thick elastic waistband that works perfectly for pregnancy! The only downside for me was the print. I didn’t love the plaid and couldn’t see myself wearing it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in any other patterns, so I couldn’t exchange it either. Bummer.

trunk club pregnancy - 2018 trunk club maternity reviews |

Maxi skirt

Ruffled Dress

Another instant favorite. This dress is so, so sweet and is currently 40% off! I sized up to a large to make it last longer with a bump, and because of the stretchy, easy fabric, it should last me for several months. This is the perfect type of dress that can be worn to work and on the weekend. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone! It’s a keeper!

trunk club review - 2018 trunk club maternity reviews |



Ok y’all, tell me what you favorite piece was! And don’t forget that you can sign up with my stylist right here!


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