20 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I initially planned on doing these bi-weekly like I did with Layla, and I’m already struggling. ? I guess that’s the difference between the first kid and the next ones?! Anyways, better late than never right?! We’re officially at the halfway point, and I just had my second anatomy scan, so I’ve got lots of deets for you in my 20 weeks pregnancy update!

20 weeks pregnant - pregnancy update 20 weeks | bylaurenm.com

How far along are you? 20 weeks!

All about baby: We just had our second anatomy scan and learned baby weighs around 11 oz., which is right about average. It’s estimated that at 20 weeks, babies are generally around 10 inches long or about the size of a banana. (Another app estimates baby also being the size of Cher from Clueless’s cell phone… so, whichever you’d like to picture floating around in my belly. ?) During the scan, the tech mentioned that baby was twirling all over the place, which I’ve been feeling a lot more of lately! Baby is especially active after I eat or drink anything cold! And last week, Aaron felt baby kick for the first time! We might have a tiny dancer on our hands.

Have you decided on a name? Nope. I feel like I’m getting farther from making a decision! Picking a name is such a hard task, and I thought we had it narrowed down to two options. Buuut lately I’ve been looking up different names I’ve heard or read, making me more confused than ever!

Are you having any cravings? If you caught my insta stories, you might have seen that my love for watermelon is in full effect. It was my #1 craving toward the end of my pregnancy with Layla, and this week I’ve been going to town on it! I’ve really just been drawn to anything cold and fruity in general. My sweet husband went out to buy me italian ice and rainbow swirl Halo Top tonight!

Weight Gain: 7 lbs.

20 weeks pregnancy update - all the details of my pregnancy at 20 weeks! | bylaurenm.com

How are you feeling? So good. This week Layla was home on spring break, which allowed me to spend more time being active. I finally did a little prenatal yoga (with Layla!) in addition to my spin classes, and we even went on a walk. Getting more exercise has also encouraged me to eat better and just feel more energetic in general. The beautiful weather certainly helps. Being outside is such a mood booster for me!

How are you sleeping? Sleep is starting to suffer a little bit again, but it’s really no surprise. Baby is getting bigger, and my bladder is getting more squished. ? On average I’m getting up around three times? And sometimes I get up twice before I even fall asleep! I think I just get paranoid that I won’t be able to sleep without a completely empty bladder.

Baby Prep: The past two weeks, I’ve finally made some strides at home. Aaron is currently using baby’s soon-to-be nursery closet for all his clothes, so I’ve been doing a TON of purging and organizing in the master closet. (I say “master closet” because it’s in the master bedroom, but don’t let that fool ya. It’s tiny!) It’s finally at a place where we can combine!

We also went and selected carpet for baby’s room. We’ll be getting our quote next week and will hopefully have that installed soon, so I can start setting up/organizing furniture. One thing I’ve made zero decision in is the nursery decor. I need to chose a paint color ASAP though! I’d really like to have it repainted before the new carpet gets installed!

Best moment of the week: Our second anatomy scan! We had our first anatomy scan at 16 weeks but baby had developed and grown quite a bit since then. Everything is still looking great and on-track. Our maternal fetal medicine specialist even called parts of baby’s heart “beautiful,” which was music to my ears after our last pregnancy. We’ll be having one more scan at 28 weeks for additional tracking and measurement, but our doctors assured us they aren’t concerned at this point.

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