How I Get a Spring Glow

Now that it’s finally warmer, and I’m not hiding under layers of turtleneck sweaters, scarves, and jackets, getting my skin glowing and spring-ready is important. Shorts season is coming, y’all! It’s time to #GlowUp! So, today we’re going from head to toe talking about how I get a spring glow!

How I get a spring glow - tips for getting a healthy glow for spring |

1. Regular Exfoliation

I don’t think I truly understood the importance of regular exfoliation until this year. I’m not sure if we just had a particularly dry year or if pregnancy did a number on my skin, but I experienced some serious skin dryness. My knuckles were perpetually rough, and my face had dry patches for months. Nothing made an immediate impact like regular exfoliation! It immediately improves the appearance (and the feel!) of skin by sloughing off the dead layers. I’ve been using this Olay Cleansing Infusions body wash and this Olay Cleansing Infusions cleanser lately because they both contain gentle exfoliators to micropolish skin. They’re gentle enough for every day use without irritating skin! Both the body wash and facial cleanser come in two scents: Crushed Ginger with Citrus Extract and Deep Sea Kelp with Aloe Extract. (You can purchase both at Walgreens here!) Just be sure to follow up with my next step…

2. Moisturize Regularly + Directly After Exfoliation

Unless we’re talking face moisturizers, I’ve gotta admit I am laaaazy when it comes to applying lotion. But no more! After exfoliating my face, I’ve been following immediately with a hyaluronic acid serum with Vitamin C. Both are known for hydration and improved skin tone. Then I follow with my eye cream and moisturizer. (I’ve been using this eye cream and Olay Whip Moisturizer.) Instead of using traditional lotion on the rest of my body, I’ve been loving oils!

How I get a spring glow - tips to get a healthy glow for spring!

3. Use Oils

The thought of using oils can definitely be daunting. I always thought they would make my skin greasy, but that’s not the case at all! In fact, they can reduce wrinkles, moisturize dry, irritated skin better than traditional moisturizers, and even protect the skin by locking moisture in! I apply my facial oils after moisturizing and prior to makeup if I’m wearing it. I apply body oils directly after the shower. I love that they hydrate without that sticky feeling you can get with body lotion!

4. Sunscreen!

Of course, we can’t talk skincare without discussing sunscreen! Applying it daily is important, even if you don’t have plans to be out in the sun for a lengthy period of time. Nothing else can protect your skin from sun damage, prevent premature skin aging, and keep skin healthy like sunscreen! I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not great about applying it daily, but this is on my must-do list!

spring glow tips - How I get a spring glow |

5. Try Rose Water

This last step is simple, and not one I even do everyday. But man, when I do remember, it feels so hydrating!! After applying makeup or as a last step in my bedtime skincare routine, I lightly spray my face with rose water. It feels amazing and gives skin a dewy appearance. You can reapply throughout the day whenever you feel like you need a refresh!

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