Under the Sink Bathroom Organization

Pregnancy isn’t always easy but there are definitely some upsides. For me, nesting took over in a major way, and I ended up organizing and cleaning everything. One area that needed it the most though was my under the sink bathroom cabinets! It was an absolute mess of beauty and hair products. I couldn’t find anything, and pulling out one hair product usually resulted in knocking three others over. Please tell me it’s not just me!!

But with an expandable shelf, a few bins, and a couple hours, I achieved under the sink bathroom organization. It’s still not perfect. I should probably get rid of a few more products that I don’t use on the daily, but it’s functional. And I actually know what I have, which is a big improvement!!

To start, I knew I needed some shelving. I ended up going with this inexpensive expandable shelf from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They also have an option with sliding drawers, but I liked the idea of open shelving instead. That way, I could just line products up, or separate them with bins.

under the sink bathroom organization DIY | bylaurenm.com

bathroom under the sink organization DIY - how to organize bathroom | bylaurenm.com

Then, I bought this organization bin set from Target (only $8.99!). I loved that it came with a variety of different sizes. I ended up using all of them and wished I had purchased a second! But for the remaining bins, I just made a quick stop at the dollar store. (You cannot beat the price! But sizes are a bit more limited!)

under the sink organization diy - how organize under the bathroom sink | bylaurenm.com

I used them to separate and organize like items. All my face masks ended up in one as well as all my skincare products. I also separated lipsticks, feminine care items, backup items (like backup toothbrushes, dental floss, beauty blenders, etc.). Aaron also got his own bin for his beard and hair products.

diy under the bathroom sink organization - how to organize the bathroom | bylaurenm.com

I also bought the small acrylic drawer set from the dollar store as well for cotton balls, bobby pins and hair ties, but that I wouldn’t recommend. The drawers stick and are kind of a pain! I plan on replacing them with something else when I have the chance!

under the bathroom sink cabinet organization - tips for organizing bathroom | bylaurenm.com

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8 thoughts on “Under the Sink Bathroom Organization

  1. Grace Sawford

    this is a lifesaver! I just cleaned up my shelves today and it feels like I need more room for my stuff. Haha! so inspiring! thank you for sharing x
    have a wonderful day!

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  3. John

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