Maybe it’s just my getting older or my being overly nostalgic, but there is something about going back to your college campus and seeing it with a fresh perspective. Recently my family and I had the chance to head back to my alma mater, William & Mary. And my love for all things W&M and Tribe was freshly renewed!

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The historic Wren Building

Although I understood the truly amazing history of the campus and university as a student, it didn’t really sink in until later. I mean, the university is the second oldest in the nation, established in 1693. Sixteen ninety three, y’all. The Wren building, which was built in 1695 is the oldest college building in the country still standing and still in use I might add! It also happens to be the place where a very special wedding took place six and a half years ago! ?

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Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, and James Monroe all received their undergraduate educations there. I mean, I walked the same grounds as founding fathers on a daily basis. I think I’m more in awe of that now than I was when it was a daily occurrence. The things you don’t appreciate as a 20-year-old, right?! Although I will say that I did used to joke that if the College was good enough for T.J., it was good enough for me. And yes, students on campus refer to Thomas Jefferson as T.J. We’re all alumni, so that makes us friends. ?

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I also can’t miss mentioning that this year is the 100 year anniversary of women at W&M! In 1918, W&M became the first public coed university in Virginia to admit women as undergraduate students. They even released special “Mary & William” gear for the anniversary. I couldn’t pass up getting myself a tee to celebrate! W&M now boasts 55,000+ alumnae. Fingers crossed that two special little women in my life will add to those numbers one day!

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And obviously even though the history is truly awe-inducing, it’s so fun to see the changes that are happening at W&M. I’ll be honest: I’m a little jealous of the new eateries and shopping that certainly did not exist during my time there! (On-campus Chick-fil-a, I’m lookin’ at you.) Every year new buildings on campus are popping up. And the W&M Athletics logos were recently revamped too!

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Some of my fondest memories of my time in school were attending football games with friends and family. My parents had season tickets and would drive from Richmond to attend the games. I loved coming to visit  and to sit with them and my sister during the games! I felt a very real sense of nostalgia being back in Zable Stadium. It was so crazy to be back in the same section where my parents used to sit now with my own family.

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And now instead of seeing my little sister rock her Tribe cheerleading outfit, it is Layla in one! Even little Ellie got in the spirit with her plaid W&M onesie! Although Aaron didn’t attend W&M, in my book he’s an honorary alum. He was out there rocking the new logo and cheering on the Tribe with the best of ’em!

college of william and mary new athletic logo gear

For those of you fellow W&M alumni, remember that Homecoming & Reunion Weekend  is coming up October 18-21! Make sure to grab your new logo gear from the William & Mary Bookstore and Campus Shop! Aaaand that Mary & William gear is available there too! If you’re interested in anything my family and I wore, I’m linking it here by retailer!

Campus Shop: williamsburgshops.com/campus-shop

425 Prince George St

‘Mary & William’ tee (Seen on Lauren. Fitted cut but true to size!)

Legacy W&M hat (Adjustable! It actually fit both my husband and I!)

Girl’s W&M cheerleading uniform (True to size.)

Bookstore bookstore.wm.edu

345 Duke of Gloucester St

Men’s green Champion tee (Seen on Aaron. Classic relaxed tee fit.)

RedShirt sweatshirt (Size up one! I have a large!)

Garb gingham onesie (Seen on Eliana. TTS)

League tailgate blanket (The quality of this blanket is AMAZING. I am in love!!)

Tribe Country sign (similar item)

Tervis Williamsburg tervis.com

477 Prince George St

W&M tumblers

Victory Tailgate victorytailgate.com

Cornhole board

W&M Alumni wmalumni.com

Tribe Trunk Party Kit


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