Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Picks

It’s finally here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 launches Friday July 12 for all Nordstrom cardholders and July 19 for everyone! And y’all, I am prepped and ready to share! I scoured Nordstrom’s website and looked at thousands of items– no seriously. (We’re talking hours on hours over several days. I legit felt like a crazy person by the end. ?) But it allowed me to get a really good sense of what’s available! And to make your shopping process far less painful ?, I organized my top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks overall and by category!

These are my first impression picks from what I’ve seen online and what I personally know with my experience with the brands. I’ll also be heading in store for try-ons on Friday, so if you prefer to see in-person dressing room reviews, they are coming too!

Top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Picks

If you’re wondering what I’m personally going to be looking for during the sale, this collage covers ’em all! Of course you’ll see some leopard print (my fav!), Madewell denim, booties, cardigans, jackets, and more! I cannot wait to see the white leopard print cardigan in person! It might be the item I’m most excited about! And that camo dress looks so comfy for summer into fall! Also, those leopard sneaks, y’all. ?(I’m linking everything below for y’all!) 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares her top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 picks!

Tall boots | Draped Sweater Coat | Pointed Toe Booties | Lip Kit | Leopard Cardigan | Button-front Jeans | Snakeskin Flats | Choose Kindness Tee | Faux Suede Jacket | Cropped Jeans | Spanx Faux Leather Leggings | Faux Leather Jacket | Utility Jacket | Colorblock Cardigan | Crossbody Tote | Barefoot Dreams Cardigan | Leopard Sneakers | Camo Dress


Sale Picks by Category

If you’re looking for something specific, hopefully these categories will help you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily! You’ll find all my women’s fashion picks at the top because, hello, that’s what most of us are here for, right?! ? Shoes and beauty favs are next up! You’ll find a few baby and kids suggestions at the bottom as well! So, let’s get to shopping, shall we?!


Women’s Clothing 

I know some of y’all are shoe people and some of y’all just love handbags. Me? I’m here for the clothes! ?I tried to break things down as specifically as possible! Many of you who I polled in my stories gave me great suggestions of what you’re looking for. I made sure to make categories just for y’all! There are items you can wear now in summer, dresses, cardigans (of course!), and some great faux leather jacket options!

Wear Now

Dresses and Jumpsuits


Faux Leather + Suede Jackets 





Loungewear + PJ’s

Leopard Print Everything 

Madewell Favs



Ok, I might just have to take back what I said about only being here for the clothes. Y’all, the shoe selection is good this year! There were so many cute options it was overwhelming! Love leopard? Giiiiirl, you got options! The only section I wasn’t as impressed with was the tall boots. But we have booties, sneaker options, and flats galore!




Tall Boots 

Weather Shoes 

Flats + Loafers 

Leopard Print Shoes



I’ll be honest: I typically don’t do a ton of beauty shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Last year I bought a few lip sets but that was about it! I’m linking to products that I truly love and use already though for y’all! I plan on picking up the Charlotte Tilbury lip set and restocking with the Purity set! 


Baby + Kids

This is the first year I’ve really spent much time looking in the baby and kids departments! Of all the items I looked through, I thought the jackets and sneakers were the items to grab. For baby, there are also a few great gear items, like Ellie’s Maxi-Cosi car seat!


Kids Shoes



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