Five Minute Foundation Free Makeup Routine

I’m embarassed to admit that this summer is the first time since… (maybe high school?) that I ever considered going foundation-free. That’s not to say I didn’t have makeup-free days! But literally every time I did put on makeup, it was the whole shebang. But something about this summer has brought out the minimalist in me. And this five minute foundation free makeup routine has been a 100% game-changer.

What I love about going foundation-free is that I can actually really, truly see my skin. And not in the light coverage foundation sense. I’ve actually noticed a few freckles on my skin that I hadn’t before. So, that’s saying something, y’all! 

And some of you may be thinking, why not just makeup-free all together? Well, I love makeup. I love the routine of putting it on most days. I love how it makes me feel ready to take on the day. This new makeup routine is the perfect compromise. I feel slightly more put-together, but the five minute time investment is nothing! 

Five Minute Foundation Free Makeup Routine 

If you’re looking for a way to feel put-together quickly with minimal products, I cannot recommend this five minute foundation free makeup routine enough. It’s simple, quick, and also offers sun protection with SPF! 

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares her five minute foundation free makeup routine for summer!


Sunscreen | Bronzing Drops | Under eye concealer | Redness Concealer | Makeup Sponge | Liquid blush | Bronzer | Glossier Brow Duo | Eyelash curler | Eyelash Primer | Mascara 


Step One: Suncreen + Bronzing Drops

This first step is typically when I would apply foundation. But in its place, I’ve been applying a combination of Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen and Drunk Elephant’s D Bronzi Sunshine Drops. I use one pump of each, mix them together, and apply all over my face. 

What I specifically love about this sunscreen is that it has a primer-like consistency. It’s completely clear and doesn’t leave that white cast on your skin that so many do. It does still have a slight sunscreen scent to it, but it’s not overpowering. 

And the bronzing drops, y’all! I’m telling ya that they are what made me feel confident going makeup-free. They offer color and bring some life to my skin. They also have a very slight shimmer. If you’re concerned about glitter or an unnatural shiny look, there is none with this product! It truly looks like a healthy glow. I have a feeling this product will never leave my makeup bag! It can mixed with foundation if you want a full-face look or even worn by itself.

Step Two: Under Eye Concealer 

Depending on your needs, this may be a step you can skip. But I’ve been blessed with hereditary dark circles. Under eye concealer is pretty much a non-negotiable for me. It Cosmetics’s is a full-coverage option. Use the tiniest amount. TRUST ME. A little goes a long way. And if you tend to get under eye creasing, I’d suggest setting with a small amount of powder under the eye.

Step Three: Anti-redness Concealer

This is another step that can be skipped if your skin doesn’t have any redness. But it seems no matter what I do, I have some redness right around my nose and on my chin. This product from It Cosmetics packs a big punch, so use a very small amount! I make a small triangle on each side of my nostril, which is where my redness is concentrated. Then I apply a small amount right on my chin as well. Blend it out well. A damp beauty blender is perfect to blend! (These blenders are the ones I use!) 

Step Three: Blush

A few months ago, I fell in love with this Nars Liquid Blush. (I use color Torrid.) I remember years ago trying liquid blush and really disliking how it came out– not blended, spotty, etc. It could have completely been user-error. ? But I am 100% converted now! This liquid comes out looking like a naturally flushed cheek!

The main trick is to use the tiniest amount. I mean, tiny. I barely press the pump, and I still typically end up with more product than I use. Apply the smallest amount to your cheeks and blend. If it comes out too bright, blend with the beauty blender! It can really help correct over-application. Another tip I recommend is just applying in one small dot and blending from there. Since it is a liquid, it can travel further than powder blush. And no one wants redness by their nose or too low on their cheek!

Step Four: Bronzer 

I know we already applied bronzing drops, but I still love the addition of a little bit of powder bronzer across my forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. This Ambient Light bronzer will not give you a contoured look. If that’s the type of bronzer you prefer, I recommend this! But the Ambient Light offers a subtle glow and a little depth. It applies so beautifully!

If I feel like shortening my routine, this step is one of the first to go. So, by no means do I think it’s necessary to achieve the look. But it’s a step I like for a little extra color, glow, and dimension.

Step Five: Brows 

I spent some time talking about this brow duo from Glossier on Instagram recently, and I loved hearing how many of you love these products too! I was previously using a pencil, brow powder, and gel to set my brows. So I love that I get to shorten my routine by a step. PLUS, my brows look so much more natural when I’m using these two!

I start with the Brow Flick. Unlike a pencil product, Brow Flick reminds me of a ultra-fine liquid eyeliner! It has a felt tip, which allows drawing small brush strokes that mimic real hair. I cannot tell you how much this product has changed my brow game. They almost have a micro-bladed look, just not as pigmented. There is a learning curve with application. Just remember to use the lightest touch possible to achieve the thinnest, most realistic looking hair strokes!

To set my brows, I use Boy Brow. It’s a tinted pomade, and I love that it sets and keeps my brow hairs in place while still looking natural. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing brow gel, ya know? And they don’t feel crunchy!

Step Six: Curl Lashes 

This is a no-brainer step, but an important one for me! If I’m not going to wear mascara, I still love giving them a quick curl. It helps my eyes look brighter and more awake. And as a mom of two, I’m all about that.

If you don’t have a lash curler you love, I definitely recommend this one. I’ve tried so many, and this one that I randomly snagged at Target one day is a winner!

Step Seven: Mascara 

I’ll occasionally skip this step. (I’m actually mascara-free as I type!) But if I want a completed look or need a little extra boost, mascara is always a win.

My favorite affordable lash primer is this one. I don’t love the actual mascara on the other end, but the primer is so good! I think it even rivals Lancome’s! My #1 mascara is Monsieur Big. It’s  a high-impact mascara that also comes in a waterproof version!

Five Minute Foundation Free Makeup Routine Video!


AND TADA! You’re done! It sounds lengthy when it’s all written out, but I promise, from start to finish, it only takes me five minutes! And even on the busiest days I have time for that! ?

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