Seven Combat Boot Outfits

Y’all, never did I ever see myself as a combat boot kinda girl. My style tends to lean more classic, so I’m never the first to jump on a new trend. But after seeing them rise in popularity over the past several years, I finally decided to try a pair. And I couldn’t believe how easily I came up with these seven combat boot outfits! Apparently I am a combat boot kinda girl after all. They are truly going to be a wardrobe staple for fall and winter!

Seven Combat Boot Outfits

I tried two different styles of combat boots prior to committing. I ended up favoring a sleeker, more slimmer style. The Doc Martens felt a little too clunky on my foot. But these leather boots are almost like a cross between a hiker and combat boot, and that felt just classic enough for my style!

For today’s style session, I’m sharing a week’s worth of casual combat boot outfits! Ranging from slightly dressier options to leggings outfits, there is a little something for everyone! Let’s get started!

Black Jeans + Blazer Outfit

What I love about black combat boots is that they work perfectly with a chic all-black look! I started with my black skinny jeans, a black turtleneck tee, and added my favorite plaid blazer! There is something so classic about this pairing, but the boots keep it on trend.

If you don’t have a blazer in your wardrobe, swap it for another layer! A structured jacket like a cargo jacket, denim jacket, or leather jacket would be my go-to’s. But you could also opt for a cozier look with a cardigan!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix shares 7 combat boot outfits for fall and winter!
Turtleneck (TTS) | Blazer (TTS) | Jeans (TTS) | Boots (TTS)

Midi Dress Combat Boot Outfit

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to try combat boots was because of all the cute combat boot dress outfits I’ve seen! I love the edge they bring to an otherwise more feminine piece. I went with this floral dress from Aerie, but when I first tried it on with the boots I was getting Little House on the Prairie vibes. Not exactly what I was looking for, y’all. šŸ˜‚ But by adding the leather jacket layer, there is just enough edge to balance it all out!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix shares 7 combat boot outfits for fall and winter!
Jacket (TTS) | Dress (TTS) | Boots (TTS)

Mini Dress and Combat Boots Outfit

Another look I couldn’t wait to try was combat boots with a mini dress! I know it may be getting cooler where you live, but we still have a few warm-enough days left to pull this off! To make the outfit feel even more fall-appropriate I added a felt hat! Mixing in cool-weather textures like felt, suede, or leather are an easy way to move an outfit into fall! My sister told me I was giving off witchy vibes with this look, but I’m here for it. It is October after all. šŸ˜‰

To achieve this look for winter, I’d swap the dress for a swingy tunic top! Then add leggings, and you’ll get a very similar proportion for cold weather!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix shares 7 combat boot outfits for fall and winter!
Dress (size down) | Hat | Boots (TTS)

Spanx Leggings with a Graphic Tee and Cargo Jacket

Of course, I could not wait to pair my boots with my Spanx leather leggings. It’s mainly because I wanted to wear leggings with everything, but thankfully they also look cute with combat boots! The tight fit of the leggings works perfectly with the black boots! It creates a super-long line that lengthens the leg!

For a more casual everyday look, I paired my leggings with one of my favorite graphic tees. When I’m wearing a tee and leggings, I always add a third piece to bring it all together! For this look I went with my cargo jacket, but there are so many other options you could swap for! Try a long cardigan, blazer, denim jacket, or leather jacket! By adding a third piece, the outfit has a more complete look and doesn’t come off as too lounge-y!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix shares 7 combat boot outfits for fall and winter!
Tee (TTS) | Leggings (size up) | Jacket (TTS) | Boots (TTS)

Tunic Sweater and Leather Leggings Outfit

For a cozier option, I love a good tunic sweater! I have had this one for so many years now. (And in fact I have three different color ways because I love it so much!) It’s super long, oversized and everything I want in a winter sweater because… leggings. šŸ˜‚

What I love about this outfit is the mix of texture. The faux leather paired with the knit sweater and heavier leather boots keep the outfit interesting even though it’s a basic one! You could always add a third piece to this look too! A long jacket or coat (one at the length of the tunic or longer) would be a great option!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix shares 7 combat boot outfits for fall and winter!
Sweater (TTS) | Leggings (size up) | Boots (TTS)

Sweater and Slouchy Socks

If you lean ultra-classic, then this outfit is for you! I styled the boots for more of a hiker option. I started with skinny jeans, and a pair of my favorite boot socks. On top I went with a cozy sweater! To complete the outfit you can’t go wrong with a timeless camel coat! The mix of neutrals here with camel, gray, and black is one of my favorite combinations!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix shares 7 combat boot outfits for fall and winter!
Sweater (size down) | Coat (TTS) | Jeans (size down) | Socks | Boots (TTS)

Open Flannel and Straight Leg Jeans

Over the past few years, wearing button downs open over shirts has become one of my go-to’s. I love that it’s another way to wear these classic shirts while creating a completely new look! This long oversized flannel from Madewell is a recent find of mine, and I just love how it’s a solid color rather than plaid. The more neutral option makes it more timeless, which is always a bonus in my book! But if you don’t have a solid, go with a plaid flannel! You could also wear a white button down or chambray as well!

Instead of opting for a skinny jean, which is more in my comfort zone for combat boot outfits, I went with a straight leg instead. You could definitely opt for a skinny in its place, but these work well too! To make it look more polished, I cuffed the leg. This allows for a little more boot to show and prevents the bottom of the jean from getting scrunched up and sloppy looking!

Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix shares 7 combat boot outfits for fall and winter!
Flannel (TTS) | Tee (TTS) | Jeans (size down) | Boots (TTS)

Which of my seven combat boot outfits feels most like your style?

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  1. Christa

    I love them all! I love the dresses since Iā€™m not usually wearing them this time of year but I think I could swing variations in Spring.


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