Layla’s Gift Ideas for 6 Year Olds

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I don’t know where the time went, but here we are. Layla is now 6, and it truly feels like she’s beginning to get into “big kids” toys! I have so many toddler and younger kid gift guides on the blog, but it was time to create something a little more kid-friendly for those closer to my daughter’s age. So along with a little advice from my ever-opinionated elementary-aged kid 😉, here are Layla’s gift ideas for 6 year olds!

Virginia mom blogger, Lauren Dix, shares over 10 gift ideas for 6 year olds!
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Layla’s Gift Ideas for 6 year olds!

  1. LOL OMG Winter Chill Doll – The biggest thing in our house right now is anything LOL. We started with a collection of the LOL Dolls, and now Layla is into the OMG dolls! I’ve gotta admit, as someone who loves fashion, I find these dolls adorable! This one is a set that also comes with the matching “little sister” doll, which Layla loves even more. Be sure to also check out the new Remix OMG Dolls and the Super Surprise set, which Layla has requested from Santa!
  2. Bike – We already own this exact bike, and it is a huge hit! It’s held up so well after a year of use, and it’s also just adorable!! Layla loves the baby doll “sleigh” seat that’s attached in the back!
  3. Unicorn Helmet – Have y’all seen the Raskullz helmets? Layla has the unicorn that lights up, but there are so many cute options! There is a kitty, panda, dinosaur, mohawk, shark, and many more — so many fun options!! (See the full selection!)
  4. Elephant & Piggie Books – Are your kids into Elephant & Piggie books? We LOVE them at our house! They are super cute with plenty of humor! And they’re early reader friendly too! I recommend grabbing the “Biggie” series that each contain five Elephant & Piggie stories within a volume! We own all three and can’t recommend them enough. Check out the first volume Biggie, the second Biggie Biggie, and the third Biggie Biggie Biggie!
  5. Mini Karaoke Machine – If your kids are into music like mine are, this mini karaoke machine is the perfect gift! It’s bluetooth compatible, allowing you to stream all your child’s favorite songs for him or her to sing along to!
  6. Barbie Car – Layla just got this Barbie car for her birthday recently. What we love about it is that it’s the perfect size for both Barbie and her LOL OMG dolls!
  7. Scooter – She doesn’t know this yet, but Layla is getting a new “big kid” scooter for Christmas this year! She’s really gotten into biking and playing outside more this year. And since she outgrew her beginner scooter, it’s time for an upgrade! This one has amazing reviews and is under $20! For kids wanting an electric scooter, check out this one from Razor!
  8. Barbie House – This was one of Layla’s “big gifts” last year for Christmas and it’s still a big hit. Even our two-year-old loves playing with the furniture and dolls. I also like that this one is smaller than the “Dream House” version and folds together! It’s also more affordably priced under $50!
  9. LOL OMG Fashion Journal – This is another item I already picked up for Layla! This “fashion journal” comes with a watch that unlocks it. It also contains an invisible ink pen with a special black light to write and read secret messages! How cute is that?!
  10. Dress Up Closet – If your kid loves dress up clothes as much as my girls, this “closet” is such a cute idea. It has a kid-size full length mirror, rack to hang clothes, and shelves to store shoes or other accessories!
  11. Bounce House – The ULTIMATE in at-home fun! We bought the girls a bounce house earlier this year, and it has already paid for itself. On sunny days, we break it out and let the girls bounce to their hearts’ content! I even have some friends that will move furniture and let their kids bounce inside!
  12. Apple iPad – This is a big ticket item, but it’s another item that has truly paid for itself. Anytime we’re in the car for a significant amount of time or I just need a few minutes of quiet to get some work done, this thing comes in handy! With the multitude of educational apps out there too, I don’t feel guilty about iPad time!
  13. Descendants Dress Up Set – Do your kids love The Descendants? Layla has just gotten into the Disney movie series lately! This Mal dress up set is right up her alley!

More Gift Ideas!

If you need more gift ideas for your kids (or anyone else in your fam!), be sure to check out Walmart’s “gift finder” tool! I used it to find several new ideas for Layla this year! They make it so easy to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Click here to check it out and sort by interest, age, and more!

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  1. Jasmin

    Hey Layla,

    You are giving me a amazing tips my daughters loved it. She loved Barbie House and Apple iPad. She also love to try to other one. Thanks for the unique one.


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