Gift Ideas for Moms and Mother In Laws

One of my most requested gift guides was for parents! So, today, we’re tackling the ladies in our lives with gift ideas for moms and mother in laws! When it comes to shopping for moms, I’m always about finding those luxuries that mom may not buy for herself. From sentimental jewelry to those precious family photos to must-have cozies to the ultimate in relaxation, we’re covering it all in our all things mom gift guide!

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Gift Ideas for Moms and Mother In Laws

  1. Personalized Initial Necklace – From experience, I know as a mom that I love sentimental gifts like this personalized initial charm necklace. I personally own this exact one and also purchased one for my own mom a few years back! We both love them dearly! Mine has my girls’ initials and my mom’s has her grandchildren’s! This shop also have angel wings you can add for heavenly children.
  2. Equilibria Bath Bomb Set – For the ultimate in relaxing bath time rituals, these CBD bath bombs from Equilibria cannot be missed. I have tried them myself and adore not only the scent but also how they relax tired achy muscles and ease tension. Use code LAURENDIX for 15% off.
  3. Nespresso Coffee Machine – This one is on my wish list! For coffee-loving moms everywhere, this Nespresso maker is the ultimate gift! It makes 5, 8, and 14-oz. coffee and 1.35, 2 and 7-oz espresso! Plus, this set comes with a milk frother for hot or cold milk and Nespresso pods!
  4. Ceramic Diffuser – I gotta tell ya. It’s something small, but I love running my diffuser daily. It’s a small ritual that brings me joy and relaxation throughout the day! I just added this one to our bedroom, and it’s the perfect size. I also love that it has a minimalist look that perfectly blends into decor without sticking out!
  5. Luxe-feeling Pajamas – These pajamas are affordable but the best! They feel (and look!), so much like higher end brand you can snag at Nordstrom! I own 4 sets of these and now my mom loves them too! 100% mom-approved!
  6. Digital Picture Frame – If you live far from family, this digital picture frame is the ultimate gift! You can send photos (via email) directly to the picture frame, and they’ll automatically be added into the rotation! Wouldn’t it be so sweet to wake up to brand new photos of your children and/or grandkids?! This is also a wonderful idea for moms who don’t use (or keep up with!) social media!
  7. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – The ultimate in cozy! I bought myself one a few years back, and now I sleep with it every single night. It is the coziest, softest blanket ever and was one of the only things that brought me comfort when we all came down with the flu last winter! Now both my mom and sister have one too. We are obsessed.
  8. Photo Book – Are you guilty of taking all the pictures and never printing them? Hello, it me. I’ve made a few Chatbooks over the years and love how easy it is to add images from social media or upload from my laptop! They’re very affordable too! (My link gets you $10 off!)
  9. Equilibria Mineral Bath Soak – Another one of my ultimate relaxation favorites! If your mom or mother in law isn’t a bath bomb person, this soak is equally as wonderful! It smells amazing with gardenia and jasmine oils and truly helps to destress. Use code LAURENDIX for 15% off.
  10. Cozy Cardigan that’s a Barefoot Dreams dupe – I’ve already shared my love for Barefoot Dreams, but this cardigan is very similar to my fav BD one at a fraction of the price! My mom ended up buying it in store and she loves it!
  11. Yeti Coffee Mug – I’ve tried a couple of other brands, but nothing compares to the Yeti coffee mug. My entire (adult) family each has one now. It keeps coffee hot for hours, which is a must for busy moms! Be sure to also grab the magnetic slider lid, which prevents steam from escaping! 😉
  12. L’Occitane Hand Cream – I bought these for my mom a few years back and she still carries one around in her purse. They smell amazing but not overpowering. And they are super-hydrating, which is much needed with all of the hand washing and sanitizing we do these days!
  13. Philosophy Amazing Grace Set – This is another item I bought my mom in a previous year and she still raves about it! (It’s probably time to re-buy! 😉) She tells me that she always received compliments about the scent when she wore it. It’s very lightly floral! This set comes with body wash, lotion, and fragrance!
  14. Luxurious Sheet Set – I’ve heard such raves about these 500 thread count sheets! And they’re from Target! They come in eight color options and are 100% cotton!

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