Best Toddler Gifts Recommended by YOU!

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When my oldest was a toddler, I never struggled with gift ideas. We had no prior toys, so coming up with gift ideas was easy and fun! But now that my youngest is a toddler, thinking of new, unique toddler toys is increasingly difficult. We already have so many things! But thankfully, after polling y’all on Instagram, I have a big list of the best toddler gifts perfect for a second, third, fourth child all recommended by you!

Best Toddler Gifts

I love a good mom recommendation, and y’all really came through! These are the most popular responses I received from moms! According to y’all, these toys are your kids’ all-time favorites and are tried-and-true! I also added a couple of our top toddler toys into the mix!

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  1. LeapFrog Leapstart – LeapFrog toys are favorites in our house and yours! This interactive activity book includes touch-and-talk pages to improve literacy, math skills, problem-solving and more! It also has multiple skill levels to grow with your child! (Walmart Rollback item!)
  2. Fort Building Kit – Why did I not know about this before?! Y’all better believe my kids will be getting a fort building kit soon! This one comes with over 40 sticks and 25 connectors to create a ton of different fort combinations! (It does include a guide with several ideas to get you started!) And also– the pieces glow in the dark!!
  3. Ice Cream Shop Set – This is a set we’ve owned for a few years, and it’s such a big hit! It comes with a counter to create your own ice cream shop! Also included are eight ice cream scoop “flavors”, plenty of toppings, a menu, scooper, ice cream cones and more!
  4. Pretend Cleaning Set – Another one of your recommendations that hit the nail on the head!! Ellie will be getting this set! She’s at the age when she loves imitating me. Sweeping will be so much easier when she has her own kid-sized broom!
  5. Musical Instrument Set – Musical instruments might not be every parent’s dream, but kids love them! We have a very similar set to this and my girls love making their own “music”! 😉
  6. LeapFrog 100 Words Bilingual Book – Eliana received this last year for Christmas and it’s still one of our most-used toys! It’s another LeapFrog interactive toy, but I love that it’s also bilingual! She almost always uses it in Spanish mode, which I adore! She just touches a picture and the word is read aloud! There is also a 100 animals version! (Walmart Rollback item!)
  7. Kid K’nex – These are such a great building block alternative that encourage creative thinking and problem solving. My mom actually kept the set that my younger sister used to play with, and my girls flipped for it!
  8. Toddler Trampoline – This is another gift Ellie will be receiving this year! She’s a very active toddler and needs fun ways to get the wiggles out! I love that this trampoline has a handle bar to steady younger kids. It’s also the perfect size at 3 feet!
  9. Magnet Tiles – This was the top response I received from moms, and I wholeheartedly agree! Each tile has magnets around the outside, allowing them to snap together. My eldest loves creating houses for here LOL dolls with them! This set also includes a tile on wheels for creating vehicles! 100% recommend!! (Walmart Rollback item!)
  10. Teeter Popper – A personal teeter totter for at-home? Yes, please! This one also has suction cups on the bottom, so that when your child rocks, they will create a fun popping sound!
  11. Kinetic Sand Set – We only discovered Kinetic Sand earlier this year (after y’all recommended it!), but it’s already a household favorite! The girls play with sand molds or just use it for imaginative play with their smaller figurine toys! This set also comes with over ten tools, including a carrying case, extruder tools, and shape shifters! (Walmart Rollback item!)
  12. Dress Up – Dress up clothes are a family favorite for imaginative play! My kids love playing with this chef set! I know they would flip for the server set too. They love playing restaurant with our play food! I also love this adorable veterinarian set!
  13. Scribble Scrubbie Set – One of y’all recommended this, and I love the concept! This kit comes with eight colorable and washable pets, washable markers, and a scrub brush! Decorate the pets, wash, and repeat as many times as you want!
  14. Climbing Triangle – For all your aspiring gymnasts, this is another fun indoor activity! Each side has a different level, which will grow with your child!
  15. Cuttable Play Food – Another top recommendation! Play food is always a favorite in our house, but I love that this set allows children to practice (and imitate) cutting! Once done, the velcro the slices back together and try again!

Where to Shop for the Best Toddler Gifts!

When it comes to shopping, let Walmart do the heavy lifting for you! They make it easy and convenient, regardless of whether you chose to shop online, in-store, or a combination of both! Y’all know I’m a religious online shopper, so I love that Walmart offers quick 2-day shipping on so many items! Shipping is also free on most orders of $35+! And of course, when shopping at Walmart, I know that I’ll be getting everyday low prices on gifts my family will love!

What are your family’s all-time favorite toddler gifts?! Still have more shopping to do? Get even more ideas from my series of gift guides!


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