Walmart Outdoor Furniture Finds

Last year, I scored the find of the summer: an outdoor egg chair that was sold out everywhere! But guess who came through for me? Walmart, y’all! Although I previously hadn’t thought of them as a go-to for patio furniture, I have completely changed my tune. The Walmart outdoor furniture selection is vast, affordable, and on-trend. Let’s get ready for warmer days ahead with these Walmart outdoor furniture finds that will transform your outdoor space!

Walmart Outdoor Furniture

I love a slightly boho vibe when it comes to outdoor home decor. Plenty of woven accents, a fun mix of textures, and plenty of plants! I was so excited to see so many options at Walmart that fit my vision!

Virginia home blogger, Lauren Dix, shares fifteen of her favorite Walmart outdoor furniture and home decor finds! Get ready to design your perfect outdoor space with this affordable patio furniture!
Hanging Planter | White Planter | Outdoor Rug | Marble Outdoor Side Table | Egg Chair | Stripe Lumbar Pillow | Woven Loveseat | Tassel Pillow | Diamond Lumbar Pillow | Striped Pouf Ottoman | White Tassel Lumbar Pillow | Black Metal Lantern | Woven Lantern | Black Lantern | Blue Planter

I am so glad that Walmart re-released the egg chairs from last summer! We own two of them, and I cannot say enough good things about them. They have the thickest, comfiest pillows. My littlest likes to lay in them and call them her bed! They’ve also held up so well and still look brand new after being on our front porch for almost a year!

This year, I decided to add a few throw pillows to cozy up the space even more! I picked up the black diamond pattern lumbar pillow and tassel striped one in our chairs! I also bought the marble top outdoor side table and love how it looks on our back porch!

Another one of my top recommendations are the lanterns! We own four of the classic black lanterns in all three sizes and have them in a few places in our home! You can see two of them next to our front door! They are ridiculously affordable compared to similar options! I’m also drooling over the new styles they released like this woven one and the black perforated version!

What’s your outdoor space style?


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