Five Minute No Makeup Makeup Look

Ever since last summer when I started going foundation-free for the first time since I-don’t-know-when (maybe high school?!), I’ve been loving a less-is-more approach to makeup. I’ve also been making an effort to switch to more clean beauty products. This year it’s been all about this five minute no makeup makeup look. I know that name might sounds ridiculous, but it truly gives the appearance of little-to-no-makeup, while still helping me feel put-together. It’s quick. It’s easy, and I honestly feel like I look more youthful too. Who doesn’t want that?!

This routine started from last summer’s foundation-free makeup routine, but as I’ve added in more clean beauty into my routine, it’s evolved. I’m hoping eventually to go all-clean beauty, but this is a great entryway into cleaner products if that’s something you’ve been wanting to try. The products that I use are all ones I truly love and adore, and will be sticking with far past summer!

Five Minute No Makeup Makeup Look

Glowscreen Sunscreen | D Bronzi | Kosas Concealer | IT Cosmetics Corrector | Lip + Cheek Cream | Makeup Brush | Bronzer | Glossier Brow Duo | Eyelash Curler | Mascara Primer | Ilia Mascara

Step One: Sunscreen With a Glow

To get that lit-within appearance, I’m all about starting with a sunscreen that adds a natural (non-glittery) glow. Supergoop’s Glowscreen is just that! If you’re looking for an option without any shine, I also use and love Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. Both are fantastic sunscreens that I wear daily regardless of the season.

To add a little bronze, I like mixing in one pump of Drunk Elephant’s D Bronzi Sunshine Drops. It’s almost like a very light tanning lotion that washes off at the end of the night. It doesn’t make your skin orange either. It just gives an extra warmth and glow. Clearly having a glow is a priority over here.

Most days I’ve been going completely foundation-free, but if you want a little base to even out your overall complexion, I highly recommend Ilia’s Skin Tint. It’s more of a tinted serum than a foundation but it does help give a nice all-over even complexion. What I also love about Skin Tint is that it has SPF 40 in it! Tip: when I add Skin Tint into my routine, I opt for Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen rather than the Glow Screen since it also has a bit of sheen to it!

Step Two + Three: Concealer

For those of you who don’t suffer from dark under eye circles or redness like I do, these steps could be ones you skip! But for me, it’s a must. Earlier this year, I switched to Kosas Revealer Concealer for my under eye area and have loved it. It provides the perfect amount of coverage, combatting my under eye circles without being too thick or too bright. But it also acts as an eye serum with hyaluronic acid, peptides, caffeine and more!

I also am still a huge fan of It Cosmetic’s Bye Bye Redness. I always have a little redness around my nose, so this is the product that I use to conceal it. It’s a great neutralizing concealer that’s great for any redness or for concealing blemishes! Apply it lightly and blend for the most natural-looking coverage!

Step Four + Five: Blush + Bronzer

I swear that adding a little color to my face in the form of blush and bronzer makes my skin come alive. Tower 28’s blush doubles as a lip cream, which makes it ideal for makeup minimalists. Plus it blends into the most natural subtle flush. You can also layer it for a brighter, bolder look, but it’s the perfect no makeup makeup look addition! I lightly press two fingers into the product and tap into my cheeks. It’s such a quick step and so worth it!

While I don’t contour for this quick routine, I still love adding bronzer for warmth. Instead of using bronzer brush, I apply with a large powder brush to disperse the product more lightly and over a larger area. I apply starting at my forehead, under my cheekbone and on the bridge of my nose. Hello, hit-with-sunshine glow.

Step Six: Brows

If you have naturally full brows, I honestly wouldn’t bother applying a thing outside of a brow gel for a light definition. But my brows are sadly sparse! I love using Glossier’s Brow Flick to lightly fill in the sparse areas. This product is one of my all-time favorites because it truly looks so natural and allows you to add realistic brow-like strokes with its super-fine felt tip. I had been considering getting microblading for a few years, but this product made me realize that I could achieve a full-looking brow easily at home! Remember to apply as lightly as possible. Just like with a felt-tip pen, added pressure will create thicker, darker lines. It takes a little getting used to but is well worth the learning curve!

Step Seven + Eight: Lashes

Last but not least are lashes! For everyday, I’ve switched to Ilia’s Limitless Lash Mascara because it provides light definition and length without looking overdone. I opt for one coat on low makeup days, but it also layers nicely if you want a bolder look. I also almost never skip mascara primer, but that’s just my personal preference! And never underestimate the power of a good eyelash curler!

From start to finish, this routine takes me less than five minutes and is perfect for those days when you just want just a touch of makeup without looking done-up.

Be sure to also check out my 5 minute foundation-free makeup routine for more light-makeup recommendations and my daily skincare routine favorites!


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