Winter Household Necessities

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Winter weather can arrive at a moment’s notice and wreak havoc on day-to-day life. If you’ve been following along on IG, you know that we recently had a huge storm pass through, and it was a doozy! Thankfully we were pretty well-prepared after living through a similar storm last year, but it was a good reminder to stock up on winter household necessities for the unexpected.

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares her winter household necessities.

Being caught unprepared can be scary when it comes to any storm event. So, we do our best to prepare ahead of time. And although, many of our winter household necessities are kept on hand at all times, I love that I can turn to my Walmart+ membership in a pinch to be as prepared as possible. Instead of running around town to refill our necessities, I can be taking care of the most important thing–my family.

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares her winter household necessities.

With free same-day delivery, you can get fresh, high quality groceries delivered to your doorstep ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.). But with Walmart+, you can order so much more than groceries. Shop your store for all your winter household necessities! Everything from a new snow bib for your kids to bottled water to back-up batteries, Walmart+ has your back.

Winter Household Necessities

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares her winter household necessities.

To prepare yourself for the upcoming winter storm season, here are a few items we always keep on hand thanks to Walmart:

Bottled water (both gallon jugs and individual bottles)

Packaged Snacks

Canned Soup

Pasta / Mac and Cheese


Peanut butter

Baby Food, diapers, and wipes if necessary

Battery-powered lantern

Extra Batteries

Portable Chargers

Snow hats, coats, and gloves

First Aid Kit

Dog Food if necessary

A sled

We also try to prepare by filling our gas tanks pre-storm, and having several coolers at the ready. The one benefit of a snow storm is plenty of available snow and ice to keep food cold if you happen to lose power!

Ready to try Walmart+ yourself? You can sign up for a free 15-day trial here! After the trial ends, the membership fee is $12.95/month of $98/year.

What are some of your winter household necessities?


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