Walmart Winter Outfits

Thanks to Walmart Fashion for partnering with me for this post!

I can struggle with winter dressing. It’s way too easy to live in leggings and sweatpants. But my latest Walmart Fashion order has the chicest combination of comfy everyday winter basics that will get you excited about getting dressed this season!

My Sizing

For reference, I’m 5’7 1/2″ with a short torso and very long legs! I typically wear a 29 in jeans or a size 8. My bra size is a 36C, and I typically wear a size medium (or 8) top. 

If you ever have any question about what size I’m wearing, check the links below each image! I list any recommendations I have for sizing up or down for quick reference. (TTS= true to size!) For full details, I’ll be chatting all about quality, style, and fit in the paragraphs above each photo. Let’s go!

Walmart Winter Outfits

Zip-Up Sweater + Corduroy Cropped Pants

This zip-up sweater truly blew me away! The quality is so good with beautiful cable knit details and an oversized collar. I love that the fabric is substantial yet soft. There is zero itch! The fit is true to size, and it also comes in tan and black!

If you’re looking for a denim alternative, these corduroy pants are perfect for winter! They are button-front with mini front pockets. Although the legs have stretch, the waist is rigid. So, I recommend sizing up. (I’m in a size 10.) They also come in navy blue and a dark green!

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares walmart winter outfits from her walmart fashion order and try on! Here she wears a scoop zip cable sweater and free assembly corduroy pants.

Sweater (TTS) | Pants (size up) | Flats (TTS)

Cableknit Sweater + Straight Leg Jeans

This cable knit sweater is winter staple! It’s a nice thick weight with a beautiful cable knit weave. It comes in five other color options and fits true to size. I absolutely love this orange-red color!

There is a reason that these jeans have over 1,500 4.5 star reviews! When it comes to stretch and softness, these cannot be beat. The color I ordered “dark wash” are the perfect clean denim wash without dressing that can both be dressed up or down! Because of the stretch, I recommend sizing down one!

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares walmart winter outfits from her walmart fashion order and try on! Here she wears a scoop cableknit sweater and time and tru jeans.

Sweater (TTS) | Jeans (Size down) | Flats (TTS)

Houndstooth Belted Coat

If you’re in need of a coat, stop what you’re doing and add this one to cart!! It was originally $120, but it has been marked down to $35! That is insane for the quality of this coat! It’s fully lined and is a nice weight. It comes in four colors and fits true to size. I cannot recommend this one enough!

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares walmart winter outfits from her walmart fashion order and try on! Here she wears a Jason Maxwell belted coat, Scoop cableknit sweater, Time and Tru jeans, and Scoop silver flats.

Coat (TTS) | Sweater (TTS) | Jeans (Size down) | Flats (TTS)

Striped Sweater + Sweater Jogger Pants

A winter wardrobe isn’t complete without a matching set, and this one is the cutest! I absolutely love the retro vibes of the wide rainbow stripe and contrast collar! It has a slightly relaxed fit and is so comfy.

The pants are a jogger style with mini front pockets and an elastic waist. They are so cozy and soft that you’ll want to live in them!

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares walmart winter outfits from her walmart fashion order and try on! Here she wears a matching lounge set from Free Assembly.

Sweater (TTS) | Pants (TTS)


What was your favorite Walmart winter outfits?


9 thoughts on “Walmart Winter Outfits

  1. Stephen

    Big thanks for sharing these fabulous Walmart winter outfits! Your fashion sense and style tips are always on point. These cozy yet chic ensembles prove that affordable fashion can be both trendy and comfortable. The variety of looks you’ve curated from Walmart’s selection is a testament to the store’s diverse and stylish offerings. Your fashion inspiration is invaluable, especially for those of us looking to stay on trend without breaking the bank. Keep the style inspo coming!

  2. Jack

    Big thanks for the Walmart winter outfits inspiration! Your post is a lifesaver for those chilly days, offering stylish and affordable options that keep us cozy without compromising on fashion. It’s fantastic to see how you’ve curated ensembles that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Walmart proves once again that fashion can be accessible to everyone. Your keen eye for putting together trendy yet budget-friendly looks is truly commendable. Cheers to staying warm and stylish all winter long with your fantastic finds!

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