Virginia blogger, Lauren Dix, shares her top travel preparation tips before a road trip!

Travel Preparation Tips with Walmart+

Is it just me or are spring and summer some of your most busy months? Between attending graduations, weddings, showers, and going on vacation, it feels like we are constantly on the go. Thankfully, I have my Walmart+ membership to turn to when our schedule gets increasingly chaotic. The days before traveling are always some of the most anxiety-inducing for me, but these travel preparation tips always help make our travel more seamless.

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares best Disney World tips for families. Where to stay, eat, and park tips for Disney World.

Best Disney World Tips for Families

If you’ve never planned a Disney World vacation, or even if it’s been a few years, you probably have a million questions. I know I did! Even though we had done Disney two years prior, so much had changed. It felt like a whole new world! So if you have an upcoming trip, I’ve got you with the best Disney World tips for families!

Virginia influencer, Lauren Dix, shares five black high top converse outfits for spring and summer. Ways to wear high tops!

Black High Top Converse Outfits

I’ve always been more of a white sneaker girl. They’ve been my go-to for years until I bought my first pair of black high tops earlier this year. And let me tell ya: I’ve haven’t looked back. I love how they add a touch of casual-cool to any look, and they’re just as versatile as my fav white sneakers! Wondering…