Black and Cobalt Blue

I really had no idea what to expect when I found out I was pregnant. Even though I’ve seen some friends go through it, even though I was old enough to remember my mom’s pregnancy with my sister, and even after over-googling and reading What to Expect…. It has been so surreal that it still almost feels like a dream. Maybe it’s the lack of baby bump? (It looks more like belly bloat if you ask me.)office wear second trimesterBut what I do know is that I have never felt so supported and completely engulfed by love. Family members, friends, and ladies I’ve befriended over the internet have reached out and touched my heart in ways I could have never expected. Whether through text, call, or email, I’ve received countless messages of congratulations, support, and prayer. And I can’t say thank you enough. It’s really been quite overwhelming– in the very best way! So thank you, thank you for all your kind words. They mean more to me than I can acurately describe.what to wear to work second trimesterhow dress up a tshirt dress for workgap maternity tshirt dresshow to dress up second trimesterDress: Gap maternity (non-maternity option), Blazer: Kenneth Cole via Marshalls (similar), Shoes: J.Crew (similar), Necklace: Stella & Dot, Bracelet: Stella & Dot Christina Link

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27 thoughts on “Black and Cobalt Blue

  1. Mica

    Glad that you are getting lots of support and thoughtful words from people about your pregnancy!

    That dress is lovely on you too, I like cobalt blue and black together 🙂

  2. linda

    I love cobalt and black together, adding the leopard shoes gives this an edgy feel. Great colour and an awesome dress to take you through this special time

  3. Alyssa

    You are the cutest little pregnant lady ever. I really am so excited for you guys–I can’t wait to follow along with you during this happy time!

    p.s. Cobalt is totally your color!

  4. Christina

    I would truly describe the first 3 months of pregnancy as a confused fog! I literally felt kind of out of it and I was really trying to comprehend what was happening. Yes, the lack of the bump made it even less tangible. Then one day I had a bump but still, it is a pretty interesting transition. You are doing it beautifully with clothing!!!

  5. ash

    I feel like I can see a bit of bump in this but I think it’s because the dress is loose and I know you are preggers so I’m imagining it. I love the color though!


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